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Raising My Low End


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is there anything i can do to get more kick in my low end? b\c its JUST ORRIBLE. like my car is faster over with the intake ,but when it comes to low end,like from idle to like 3000 (so mostly just liek off tyhe line) its jsut HORRIBLE

liek it prabably takes as long to get to 3500 as it does for the car to go from 3500 and redline and then go thoruhg half the next gear. feels liek theres absolutly NO TORQe . but i must say with the intake once my car goes past 4000 it feels liek when a turbo kicks in,u can feel a HUGE gain. so thats why it ends up begin faster overall liek in a race thats more then liek a 1\10 mile. but is there somehting i can addon to improve the low end.

im definatly not taking off the intake b\c im in love with the sound and the overall performance gain. but yea this is the disadvantage,the feel of the low end. liek it feels the same pick up speed as if b4 i got the intake i woudl just press half throttle and prabably it would be the same torqe. but i infact know its faster b\c friend that has almost exact same car as me,same year and everything . ran a lil kslower. and its a automatic so obviosully there isnt human error,lol

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i have the weapoin arm short ram,but i dont wanna argue about the performance gains\losses. ithat wasnt the point of my thread,i really just wanted to know a way to imrpove my low end.

its funny my friend has a regualr 94 mustang and that thing is pretty slow but has massive torque compared to horses,like 215 torque but 155 horses. anywayyys, side by side when we race of the line he just rips of the line(also RWD,advantaage) and till about 3500 rpms for me,he just rips ahead then all of a sudden i feel the power coming in aand i beat him easily with no challange. its funny,for onlookers it sorta looks liek my car has a turbo ,b\c u know how all those turbod cars usually loose in the 60ft in the 1\4 mile but then rip ahead. thatrs sorta what it looks like.

also chack out my post on angel eyes SK

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I don;t have angle eyes or have i opened up my headlights yet so i can;t help you with that.

try putting the stock airbox back and not the rest of tubing in the fender , you would make a really nice gain over your friend mustang.

You aleady know what i think of short arm intakes,so i won;t waste your time

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