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How Old..how Many Miles


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how great is lexus quality??

first, i would like to know if anyone on this board has an older car with less

miles than mine. not initiating a contest but just curious.

bought my 93 sc400 in nov of '92 and i have 62,800 miles as of today.

my car has been garage kept but despite that and the low milage i am amazed

at the low total cost for upkeep this car has imposed on me to date.

i keep accurate records and to date i have spent $2350 on this car which includes

the following fluid changes: 22 oil, 4 coolant, 2 transmission, 1 differential.

also includes 4 new tires, replacement of a stv valve(a/c related..i did most

of the work), power steering seal replacement (again me on the wrench).

other incidentals include air filters, serpt fan belt, windshield wipers, etc.

my original cd system still works perfectly. my leather seats look great with

some wear showing on driver's side. dash lights all ok except for one area

on tach around 7k rpm. two small hairline fractures on left side of center

air vent which is a common known defect for this vintage lexus.

body paint quality a bit questionalbe due to chipping. i only water wash and

have never had it waxed and it almost looks new except for its susceptibility

to nicks from flying stones... probably 10 or so pits which i have covered with

touch up paint ( predominitely hood) . maybe someday i will do the $3000

repaint but for now it still maintains a fairly new car look.

i looked at my timing belt the other day and it apprears like new top and

underneath so i should be good to maybe 100k mi on that. my brakes are due

in about another 5-10k mi but that would be expected.

bottom line.. i would buy lexus again without reservation if i should ever go for

another car but why should i do that when what i am driving today is probably

good for at least another 12 years.


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