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  1. Need bushing part number for repair of loose stick shifter located on console. Car is 1993 sc400 with automatic transmission. I understand I have to remove console to get to pivot point to replace bushing.
  2. Thx guys for your replies. Nice pics re the replacement. I think I can handle it from here. L
  3. SC400 My truck lid will not stay up when opened. Can the round support brackets be tightened? Are they spring loaded? L
  4. dc.."The first gen SC's are timeless cars" I keep telling my wife that and the mere fact that I only have 73K miles on my '93, why should I change. She has a hard time driving the SC and wants a 4 door. The IS 4 door only has marginaly bigger back seat leg room than the SC and I don't want to go to the other Lexus models because of price. Plus, trade in value and/or private sale is a big laugh cosidering how classy a car the SC is especially when in pristine condition. As alicias said, I don't need fancy gadgets and the new car smell and above all, every time I drive this car it is lik
  5. Which is the better car of the two: A 1993 SC400, let's say like new, or a new Lexus IS...choice of small or large engine. Or put another way, if the two were side by side brand new, which would you choose?? L
  6. I feel as though my expansion valve is restricting refrigerant flow. My compressor/clutch started short cycling (10 seconds) so I went thru a series of things to correct which included: 1) evacuation, recharging... no change in performance...then 2) a complete system flush which produced a lot of "crap", followed by air purge, evac., oil/ refrig recharge .... still cycling. So after some research here I found that my problem could be related to a partially plugged expansion valve. When I observe the low pressure side/gage it fluctuates and when it goes to less than 20psi the clutch d
  7. G'H'....thx for the brief/concise explanation. i think i can handle it from here. L
  8. I have located the drier "hidden" under the driver's side headlight. Can't find removal instruction in archives I guess like most other repair projects.... do I have to disassemble the car to get it out? Lexie
  9. I turned my a/c on yest and no cold air so I assumed I was low in refigerant. I do have a slow leak so this was no supprise. My question is: Does the little green light embeded in the a/c on/off button blink when low on refrigerant? I noticed when I turned the air on yest the light was blinking and this is the first time I have experienced this. Or, is something else wrong. I guess maybe the low pressure sensor activated the blinking light??? lexie
  10. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally got them both to pop loose by sticking a small screw drive thru the top and tapping lightly on table top. Checked both batteries and they had about 2.9v left vs 3v rating. Went thru the reprogramming process and still no response. Put radio on station 94.9 FM ( previous post rec.) and got no response when I pushed key button. Guess my transponder is gone. L
  11. The batteries on both my remote keys for my 93 sc400 are least I think so since the remote does not work. Question... is there a trick to opening the key case after removing the small screw holding the case together. With screw removed on both keys, I cannot get the case to separate. It will open up maybe 1/8th inch on bottom but will not release at top. I can get a knife blade between the case at the top but it still will not separate. What am I missing???? Any suggestions anyone??? Thx Lexie
  12. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I had a similar problem w my 93 sc400. The light would come on intermittently mostly when I would change elevation like going downhill. I checked my coolant level and thought it was full but added maybe a half quart just to make sure and the problem went away immediately. Apparently the sensor is very sensitive. L
  13. Andrew, welcome and re item #1: my '93 sc400 developed the very common condensate problem some 4 yrs aft i bought it in late '92. i elected to drill six very small holes on the bottom part of the lens to allow the vapors to escape rather than tear into the headlight assembly and go the re-seal route. the "hole" method was recommended by someone else on the forum and, as for its efficacy, i would say it reduced the severity of the problem by 80%. before i drilled the holes, condensate would appear and remain for months. now i only see it occasionally and it usually disappears aft a
  14. ------------------------- I purchased new Lexus OEM regulator for '93 SC4000 for $120 total including shipping. The parts dealer is Spartan Motor Mall located in Lansing MI ph# 1 800 333 8696 or 1 800 998 7557. Ask for Brad ...he is easy to deal with and most likely will give you a discount. I received part 4 days aft placing order. Have your VIN handy when ordering. L
  15. -------- SirSam: I meant to say ask for Brad. He was the one who waited on me. Gary also works there but I has been a year since I talked to him. L
  16. ----------------------- SirSam-- The regulator I got for around $120 was for a '93 SC400 passenger side. The parts dealer is Spartan Motor Mall located in Lansing MI ph# 1 800 333 8696 or 1 800 998 7557. I have bought several Lexus parts there and have been quite satisfied with their pricing. Ask for Gary and tell him the guy from Pensacola who just ordered the regulator a few weeks ago recommended your parts outlet and hopefully he will treat you right re the cost of the part. Have your VIN # handy and specify whether driver or passenger side. Delivery for me was abt 4 days. Whene
  17. SirSam: I think your problem is related to the white plastic (teflon) traveler that rides in the metal guide (rod as u eluded to). Here's basically what happens when u roll the window up and down: There are two separate cables which wrap around a plastic capstan (pulley like mechanism) in oppsite directions, then pass thru conduit guides and end up being molded into the teflon traveler--ea cable has a small metallic cube attached to its end. What probably happened is the cable that pulls the window down broke loose from the traveler. This is what happened in my case. There is a writ
  18. As a testament to just how reliable the Lexus is, I just totaled my expenditures for my '93 SC400 which will be 13 years old this Sept. Granted I have rather low milage (just under 70K) but none the less, I feel $2280 to date is a very low cost for upkeep. This total includes all oil/filter changes, all fluid (coolant, transmission, rear axle, etc.) changes, new tires, mechanical repairs (a/c pressure control valve and p/s pump repairs..both done personally), new serpentine belt, windshield wipers, headlights and other misc stuff. Also included is a power window repair job now in pro
  19. taadow77-- Lexie here. I am repairing my passenger side power window. I have a regulator on order and already removed the door panel in prep of removing the existing regulator. My questions: What steps did you go thru to remove the old unit. The motor/regulator unit seems to be in a tight spot. Was there a problem in unhooking/re-hooking the electrical connection. Was the window in the down position when you installed the new regulator. Any and all comments would be most appreciated. I have a '93 SC400. Thx, L
  20. I got thre panel free. There is a thing plastic cover inside the black plastic housing of the door handle/door lock compartment. I pried tht loose and there was a screw holding this part of the panel to the door. Removed the screw and the whole panel was free. All in all, not that big of a job to remove panel thx to many clues on this forum. Lexie
  21. In process of repairing passanger side power window on '93 SC400. I have been able to free the door panel from the door frame except for the upper left side where the door handle is located (plastic wood trim on both sides of black plastic door handle pocket). Is there a screw hidden behind the trim that needs removing. The panel is completely free and hanging down except for that particular spot. I pried lightly on the black handle cover but it did not want to pop out. Any help would be appreciated. Lexie
  22. I found this solution to repair of a failed power window and it sounds very similar to my problem. Now, if I knew the trick to removing the door panel w/o damaging it, I would investigate to determine the actual problem. Can anyone give me any guidance on passenger side door panel removal ? web site of window repair solution: Lexie
  23. '93 SC 400...68K miles. Hi guys...been gone for past 9 mos due to Ivan's wrath here in Pensacola. Good to see some familar names still active. My problem is with the passenger side power window. Yest I was in process of rolling window up when I heard a sharp pop and the window stopped at about 2/3 rds up. I then rolled it back down and that is where it still remains. The motor runs but the window will not traverse. Two questions: Could it have jumped track or is there a cable or maybe a plastic track that is broken. I am not familar with the operating mechanism so I am just wondering
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