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2008 RX 400h - programming a new key

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Only had one key for 2008 RX 400h--that's all wife got when she bought it used several years ago--so decided to get another one off amazon.  Got it cut, and tried to use the instructions that came with it to get it programming.  There were two separate parts of programming steps--one for immobilizer, and another for remove lock/unlock--and neither one worked.  Looking around youtube, I finally found an alternate procedure that actually worked for the immobilizer.  But I have been unable to find anything that works for the remote part.

Has anyone had any luck with this?

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I bot my 2nd key from a good reputable seller online and figured since I saved some money this way, I would have the dealer program it for me. It works perfectly, and I didn't waste time trying to circumvent the right way to do it. For what it's worth.

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My son has a XTool D7 and I picked up a couple eBay/Amazon blank keys with fob and had the local Lexus dealer cut and then I programmed them with no major issues.  In both keys I had to program it 2x to get it to "take", and then you have to learn the door unlock/lock functions separately.  But not a problem.  

Check with local locksmiths or call local repair shops and ask who does keys and programming for them.  


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