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Leak In Differential


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Last few days, I noticed that there was leakage in the differential (I think that what it is: the grey metallic looking odd shape behind the engine oil pan). It leaks along (ie across the car) the joint. I tightened all the bolts without any success. Any help? Difficult to fix? Thanks

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Like Mr. Ferrari says............its not the diffy.

Your may be looking @ the tranny itself......or the pan?? is it retacngular with the long sides running from front - back under the car???

Is the fluid a tinted red color??

If it is the tranny pan:

You'll need new gasket goo around the entire pan.....a continuous bead 2-3mm in width:

Part NO 08826-00090, Three bond 1281 or equivalent

Mine has 19 bolts......torque is only 65 in lbs per bolt. Finger tighten and alternate sides as you tighten W/ wrench......

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Just took the car to JiffyLube. The manager took a look and said the oil seal (between the oil sump and the trans pan) was the culprit. Any thought?


That could be the rear main seal :o

If so, this is not good - a $20 gasket plus $500 labor to get the tranny off :(

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1. Can I leave this leak for a while?

2. What type of oil is leaking (tran, diff, P/S, Engine)? I think it kind of red in color.

3. The dealer will look at it on Thursday. How can I tell that he diagnoses the problem correctly?

4. By flushing the transmission and using synthetic engine oil, would these have corrupted the seal (if it was the seal)?



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Just got the damage estimate from dealer: Rear Main Seal $1400 + tax. Temp solution: Keep an eye on the oil !!!! :cries: :cries: :cries:

Sounds like a good idea...........

Drive it till it's hemorraging and then let it go............

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