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  1. Hi, May I take this opportunity to wish everyone and their loved ones the best of health, happiness, and luck in 2011 and beyond !!!! VH 1991 LS400 (200K) 1999 ML320 (117K) 2003 X5 44 (13K) 1992 Prelude (117K) 1991 Galant LS (10K) 1999 Boxster (80K)
  2. You can purchase one !
  3. If the odo meter is not working, does your speedometer work? If it does not, maybe worth to check the speed sensor around the transmission housing. Autozone sells these speed sensors
  4. Happy New Year (and Decade) to all owners and their LS ;)
  5. How long ago was the battery change? If there is something wrong with the alternator, you would have run solely from the battery and that doesn't last long
  6. Possibility that one or both of the wipers have the lock nut loose ! That;s the nut that is screwed the arm to the wiper motor
  7. For all you guys explaining this, if ya'll look like Marisa Tomei, then I will believe you !!!
  8. How's the economy turmoil over there ? Depends on whether you want to keep the car. These items are wear and tear items !!!!
  9. I second the suggestion that it can be the starter !
  10. Yes. Have fun and good luck ! Where are the knock sensors located? Are they the ones with wires connected to them on the left and right of the V-engine?
  11. I have 2 front top mounts complete with mounts, caps, rubber covers... bought new in box from Lexus of Pembroke Florida. How much you prepare to pay (including shipping)? VH
  12. Hi, Do you still have 'Two Front calipers w/pads (In excellent shape), they we put on within the last 6 months' How much for them? Do they include: Calipers, Pads, Pistons ? Thanks VH
  13. More info may be needed re. '....nothing happens....': no clicking sound, no lights on dash, etc...? Check your battery posts for really tightness
  14. My 1991 engine and tranny mounts NEEDED to be replaced Now the car is SMOOOOOOTH !
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