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97' Rear Tire Rub Fix?

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My 97' (with 114k miles) had a tire rub in the back when I put new tires on, but only with someone in the back seat. I'm running a 225/55/16 with what looks like a ASA EM7 7" wheel. The wheels were on the car when I bought it, but it looks like they barely clear the fender lip, so it could be a 8" wide wheel??

When I looked at the tire clearance, I noticed that the black plastic trim on the fender actually stuck out past the actual fender lip. So, I decided to take them off, and grind them down flush with the fender lip- which gave me another couple of mm clearance. So far its worked, unless I hit a big dip at higher speeds with someone in the back seat.

I guess my question, without doing major work, and spending a lot of money at the same time is: Do you think changing out the rear springs with new stock replacement springs when I do the rear struts would help? Or, do you think that lowering springs would make it stiff enought to keep it from rubbing- or would it be to low causing it to rub more? Another thought of just replacing the stock struts to TOKICO may make it stiff enough to keep it from compressing to quickly- thus eliminating rub?? Any ideas guys? Or just all of the above? :huh:

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Well, I don't have a problem with the wheel, and I don't want to pay for new ones at this point. The tire is the only thing rubbing, and it's only by less than 1 mm. Not enough to even scratch the tire, but can make some noise. So grinding down the plastic wheel well "lip" cover pretty much solved it.

Since I'm allready in the market to buy new struts, I'm trying to find the best way to kill all the birds with one stone- If possible? You know the old saying of stretching a dollar! I don't care enough about the car to drop some major money- its just a daily driver (but still needs to look and drive good). I appreciate your comments!

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