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95 Sc400 Speaker

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Hi all,

I have a dead front passenger-side speaker for my 95 SC400 Nakamichi audio.

Is there any way getting the speaker fixed?

Does anyone know where I can get a used or replacement speaker?

If I can get an equivalent or better 3rd party speaker, I am willing to take that path.



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luckily i work at circuitcity and i know for a fact because i have a 95 sc400 that expirence i replaced all four speakers and didnt even have to mod the factory amp infinity 4 inch reference speakers are a perfect fit take it to any circuitcity dont go to other places because since it is alot of work they will charge extra we only charge 30 for the front and 30 for the back

keep in mind thats a hell of a deal since they spend may 3 hours on each side to take out speakers on a sc400 you have to take out the door panels disassemble the door and for as the back you have to take out the back seat

polk audio will work too but from expireince infinity is the best sound and bang for the buck

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:P factory sucks anyways its total crap the material they use on the speaker is paper infinity use a special type of cone and comes with a full replacement 3 year warranty buy the extended warranty ask for a discount he will discount it off the speaker and than you come back the next day and return the warranty

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hes right i used to work in P.C Richards (electronics store in New york ) and they charge 45 fron and 45 back. and if its a pain in the butt there gonna charge more. 60 for installation sounds good and infinitis are great sounding speakers

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So there is no need to get back to Nakamichi speaker...?

I looked through Crutchfield site and found Infinity, Sony, Pioneer, JBL, and others.

Which brand and model would you recommend from your experience?

And if I chance the woofers, do I need to replace the satellite tweeters as well?

I noticed the Infinity speakers are coaxial 2-way speakers.

Would it just be alright to replace the subwoofer like that?


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It sounds like ur about to encounter the stereo monster that I encountered when I decided my sc's stereo system just sucked a** so I am going to prepare u mentally B)

Ok, first to start off with your Hi's (small speakers) you can basically swap them out and get better sound without having to replace your amp... If you just want a slightly better sound simply buy 4 name brand 4" speakers that are NOT meant to handle alot of watts and you will be in business. The reason you dont want to buy a really fancy, high performance 4" is that if you do, the stock amp will not be able to push them properly n thus your system will sound actually worse.

On that note here are the obstacles u will encounter with your Subwoofer-- the infamous 10"---

1st problem: Not just ny 10" will fit there.

2nd problem: If you find one that fits it must be a free air speaker for it to sound good.

3rd problem: Stock amp is Not going to push any name brand free air subs.

Solution: First go to a stereo shop and find a sub that fits in the stock hole by trial n error. Now, theres a braket that is attached to the stock speaker that you must take out and adapt to what ever sub u are going to put in so before you even go to the stereo shop, take off the speaker AND the braket, then when u try on the speaker mount the braket on which ever speaker you try on so u can get a feel for the actual fit.

Once u find the speaker u will need to buy another amp. Get a 2 channel I say 200 W tops (when bridged to 1 channel). This is what u will need to push that new sub.

And finally go to that stereo shop and have that amp and speaker proffessionaly connected (unless ur good with stereo systems and can do urslef).

I actually went an extra step and bought 4 really good 4" Speakers, and

a good 4 channel amp to push them and my stereo is on steroids now. I cant even put it half way cos my ears hurt, so ull be happy.

In conclusion if ur going to upgrade ur system do it once and do it right. And be aware of what is going to take, just replacing the speakers isnt going to cut it, SPECIALLY for the sub which is going to sound horredous if u dont spike up the power by changing the amp. So make sure you have the time and money. I spent like $500 total installed and everything but I did some good "smart" shopping. You can easily spend alot more so be careful. Also if u decide to do the amp(s) thing be patient, dont expect to do everything in one day cos something will always go wrong. Murphys Law always strikes whenu are working on a car lol Good luck!

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Thanks for sharing your experience.

I guess the Nakamichi amp would lack the power to even drive Infinity Kappa series. I was recommended of Infinity Rerefence 4".

Can you let me know what you got for your SC?

brand, model name, etc...


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No problem glad I could help a fellow SC'er

You can use any name brand 4 inchers, just dont use any cheap stuff. By ur equipment once is what I always say. What I am using are Rockford Fosgate Fanatic Q FNQ2404 They handle up to 100 Watts each so they are mean little 4 inchers. They are really ear piercing BUT u will need a better amp, nothing crazy, just a better than stock amp...40 watts x 4 will be enough but buy a realiable brand of amp...I have a Kenwood 40 X 4 and is enough. Cheap brands of amps may say 40 Watts x 4 but in reality are like 15 Watts x 4, so dont buy cheap anything.

As far as the sub I bough a Rockford model too, bad news its discontinued but you can find them at ebay I used rfz3410. It sounds great, but u wont hear it blocks down the road. Just inside the cabin it sounds 20x better. But if u want like huge bass u would have to go witha box in the trunk and other speakers. THis model fits right in stock hole. they are cheap too. But there are others that could fit, u just have to try them on...

ok good luck!

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