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  1. Has anyone ever heard of someone swapping out a sc400 and putting in a Chevy 350. I love the Lexus body style but lets face it, you can get a lot more power from a 350. Just a thought.
  2. I replaced the damage cluster in my 93 es300 with another unit but the one I replace it with has a lot more miles than what's on the car. Is there a company or a way I can myself reset the mileage to what's on the car?
  3. I have factory speakers for sell that came out of a 95 sc400 but, they are the pioneer ones.Let me know if you want them. Terp62 ;)
  4. Could anyone tell me how to safely remove the air bags out of a 97 sc400? Thanks in advance--Terp62
  5. I went ahead and tried to exchange it but, the wire harness is diferent and I don't think I want to start cutting wires.Anyone needs a nice 97 sc400 cluster with low miles I got it on Ebay now. Thanks
  6. Will the gauge cluster out of a 97 sc400 be a direct replacement into a 95 sc400 ? Thanks in advance. Terp62
  7. 1-The drive drain is spoken for 2- I only have the passerger side skirts 3-Head rest $50.00---complete passenger door 250.00 4- 12 disk changer--250.00
  8. I have a 12 disc changer out of a 97 sc400 like new for 250.00
  9. I have a 1997 Lexus SC400 400 that I'm getting ready to part out. Please email me any part you may need at also I'll have some sc400 parts on eBay starting on 5-20-04.
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