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  1. I think I can figure out size of exhaust and position of tips....only thing is I dont know the diameter of the inlet of the muffler I should buy for a GS400....is it 2.25" or 2.5" ???? I know someone knos this thanks!
  2. Hello, Iwant to get the magnaflow mufflers but I dont know which to buy for my 98 GS400. I know a few people here have these on so if you can shed any light I would greatly appreciate. PArt number would be awesome. THanks!
  3. I have gs400 it has belt. I would definitely have that looked asap since its past due at 118K When u press lock, all doors should lock. When you press open only one time, the drivers door unlocks only. However, when you press it two times (like double click) it should open all doors, thats how it works. Also, if you leave the door unlocking press down it should open all your windows and sunroof. (mine does that) and then you have the trunk button, but thats just common sense Congrats and enjoY!
  4. Dude, DO IT YOURSELF ITS EASY! I thought it was hard, it is not. Just remove the intake plastic thing and that black plastic tube that feeds in to the throatle body. THen just pull out the wires and the spark plugs are right there. With the right tools its a cake job and I cant even do my own brakes LOL DOnt get ripped at the dealer its easy trust me. It took me about 2 hours, and I took my sweet time.
  5. Cool thanks for the tip...so theres nothing to change EVER bessides the plugs?? If thats the case then thats awesome (but leaves thinking that something has to wear down with all that electricity going trhough it) ..but hey what do I know about automotive engineering! LOL
  6. If u have the $$ go for the V8, nothing like a 4 door spankin' almost everything out there LOL trust me, if you dont u will regret it! Now if you cant really aford it the the gs3 is a nice luxury car too, it just lacks some juice.
  7. I recently changed the spark plugs on my 98 GS 400 (easy job to do yourself btw) and wanted to change the wires and distributor caps and rotors BUT....I couldnt find the distirbutors!....I know the old V8 from the LS have a similar set up, but they had the distributors (on on each side) pretty obviously placed. I went to look for the distributors on the same 2 humps where the old LS had them and I ran into the timing belt (I think) but I didnt see anythign else.... Also, the ignition wires are not the regular wires other cars have, the have regular wires feeding into the spark plug...........I dont know how to explain it, but if youve seen it u know what Im talking about. My question is, how do u change the wires, or do u need to change them at all??? What do u need to change when you change the spark plugs? Are there any distributor caps or rotors that need change? Someone please explain to me how our ignition system works, or where I can find info on this thanks!
  8. Nice looking car but good luck. This model is already showing signs of tranny problems (7-speed auto trans model) so hopefully you didnt get the fancy, but delicate transmission. Just an insider tip from someone who works for MB.
  9. I hvae a 98 GS 400 and from time to time the belts squeels a bit. Before changing it make sure it needs to be changed, dont just change it because of the noise. In the autoparts they sell this belt silencer spray. If your belt is good just spray someon there and youll be good for a few weeks. Mine has not sounded in a few months. Now if your belt is old, by all means change it. As far as the sunroof, sounds like a dealer issue. And your breaks...hmm, who did them? Did you use toyota pads? I got original toyota parts and my breaks are awesome. GL
  10. Hello, Called the dealer and they are charging $365 for plugs change. How much have you guys paid for thsi service? Also, does anyone know a good lexus mechanic in Miami, FL that could do this job for less? $365 is ALOT for mua....... Funny enough theres another lexus dealer charging $200 but I think that guy just told me that to hang up with me lol Oh yeah I forgot to say I have a 98 GS4
  11. Hello I have a 98 GS 400 with 118K and was wondering if the struts on these bad boys go bad with the wear my car has. I hear a slight 'clunk' everytime I turn at slow speeds or go over bumps. It kind of sound slike a strut going bad, but then again im not really sure. My question is, has anyone had to change their struts in the front?? Has anyonehad this problem? Also, something else I noticed-dont knowif thsi is normal... THe other day I was racing a 545 BMW on a street (GS4 can surely keep up with them LOL, poor BMW's) we hit pretty damn fast speeds for a street race (over 110, i quickly glanced ) but then a red light came on and I had to SLAM on my breaks.... I had never slammed on mybrakes that hard since I bought the car about 6 months ago, but when I did the steering wheel shook pretty bad. I felt like I was in a honda! Is this normal for a lexus? Do u guys have the same problem? I mean u have to SLAM on the brakes. Any info appreciated thanks.
  12. Hello guys, I have a 98 gs4 and I have noticed that everytime I turn my AC on I hear this like hamster wheel noise (best way I know how to describe it) coming from the AC controls on the dash...like behind thedash somewhere behind the radio or something....It alsmost sound slike if you stuck a straw in a glass of water and blew air into the straw...like bubbles or something, but not quite. Its getting really anoying and Im wondering what the heck that noise is. When I turn the AC off it takes about 2 minutes to stop but it stops. And then if I turn the ac back on , the noise comes back. Anyone know what this pain in my behind could be? THanks
  13. I just purchased a 98 gs400 with 115K, love the car...Im trying to find out how often the plugs need to be changed. It was LExus Serviced since new, so Im assuming its up to date with everything but I wonder every how many miles do the plugs need to be changed. Also, I took off that engine cover to look at the engine..man, its really weird looking. No distributor, no spark plug wirest, no spark plu wells...WTH! where are these components!? THanks.
  14. Do you have an SC 300? I think its more of a thing with water getting in spark plug holes in that car. But just be careful either way, whether you have an SC 300 or 400. You can rinse off the engine, just don't spray it on the engine block. ← Yeah mine is an sc300, never again will I bother cleaning the engine. THe plugs are way to hard to reach and just a little water can mess everything up. I never sprayed water freely just little squirts and wiped off immediately but it wasnt good enough, oh well ye live ye learn
  15. Hello, Ok let me tell you nicely...HELL NO! I just finished cleaning my engine, and i did it very carefuly without getting any of the electrical components wet (specially distributor) and still made a boo boo. I was using degreaser in a bottle and water in a bottle being very careful not to spray anything electrical. Well guess what, even like that I wasnt careful enough and got my self into a mechanics bill. Turns out that some water fell on top of the engine block where the plug wires go into the block, the water seeped through the rubber covers and went into the plug's wells, and now I have to do a complete spark plug job which I cant do myself cos its a !Removed! to do. so If you are going to clean ur engine be sure not to get a drop of water anywhere near those wells because water will seep through there into the plugs and will make your life miserable. Good luck! <_<
  16. Thanks guys for your responses, Weeeeelll, turns out that my idiot self did get water down there...so I was going to change the plugs myself but that manifold is a b%*$# so I gave up and will have a mech do it for me. Also I noticed there was some oil in the wells, so it seems like the seal is leaking a little so I guess Ill change that as well.... Once I take care of that if the trouble continues (ill be *BLEEP*ed) and I will look elswhere, but hopefully thats the problem. Will keep yall posted.
  17. Dude, unless you are very good with mechanics and unless you are ready for a pain in the butt unassembly, I would find a reputable mom and pop shop and have them enjoy themselves unscrewing the manifold. I was going to take it off myself today because I made a boo boo and got water in my spark plugs wells so now I have to change the plugs, but I gave up and will have a mechanic take care of it for me. You have to take appart these little gas sensors that have gaskets and they have screws so hard to get to its ridiculous. I really wouldnt recommend it unless you have right tools and experience, but maybe my mechanic experience just sucks. ;) Good luck
  18. Hello gang, Yesterday I degreased my engine (may have nothing to do with the problem but thought Id mention it just in case) and did spray some water in the bay but tried to be as careful as possible not to wet any electric components. Anyhow, I let the car dry out for a full day started the babe up today and headed to the store. On my way back I noticed that when I steped on the gas to go faster than 'average traffic speed' my car sort of choked, or as if not enough gas went in it or something. This 'choke' only lasted like 2 seconds then it begun accelerating, but then it did it again. And then it jest kept doing that every time I gave it gas, like sort of choking and jumping. My sc300 is 5spd so it has nothing to do with the tranny. I dont know if anyone has any ideas as far as what the problem could be but nay help would be greatly appreciated. THanks!
  19. :D Well, decided to take the car to the mechs because I dont have any tools and Im not good at that stuff, so i fixed it for about $200 whichw asnt bad.. It was actually the baring that had gone bad surprisingly, but I replaced the whole clutch. Im glad I replaced it soon because it was in bad shape and it was only sounding for like 3 days and it would sound on and off.... So guys, if youhear this take to mechs ASAP because yes, your can cat suffer greater damage if u ride like that for too long. Thank God nothing serious happened and my baby is back in action! THanks for the help!
  20. Hello guys (gals) I have a 95 SC 300 5spd. with about 110K. The car has been a rock until now, no major problems. However, just recently I noticed a rough bearing like noise coming from the endine 'area'. Is hard to tell where its coming from exactly but u canhear like a bad bearings. I originally thought it was the bearings of the main pulley but someone told me its most likely the bearing of the AC clutch. Have any of u guys had to change this? Any of you guys experienced this noise Im talking about? If so, how expensive is to fix this...how much is the part? I think it is the bearings from the AC clutch because when I turn on the AC the noise stops. But when its not being used then it sound like a bicycle that needs grease... Any info greatly appreciated! My main concern is how much this crap costs, cos u know, this world is all about $$ ;) Hehe
  21. I had been thinking the same thing....so far I havent had time to finish my half-!Removed! BFI, but when I do I rpobably go pass side grill way because I noticed same thing....direct stream of air! Only concern i have is possibility of scooping water Are u planing on doing something to deter water from getting all the way up there? I have tought about making some drain holes or something but I dont know what to do....and yes it is very possible to get water up there... it happened to my brother in a honda del sol...he had that cold air intake and went over a pudle and CRACK broke a rod in his engine and messed up the whole thing....strait to the dumpster.... Post some pics if u can! I probably wont get to mine for another 6 months! lol
  22. Look, point of the matter is that taste in style are like bellybuttons, everyone has one.... so I say you do what ever makes u happy, tickles ur pickle, float your boat, etc... If u wanna put juice and ragtop with flake paint and 13 inch wire wheels, then do it if thats what u like.... DOnt worry about what other people think about hwat u did, s long as u like it u shouldnt care..... That car is not going to last u forever anyways, someday it will be an old piece of junk, so just enjoy it the best way you know how, and take some picutres so u can show ur grandkids what a maniac u were when u were young ;) Dont tell the guy he needs a civic because ahh the Lexus is so sohpisticated...blah....whatever....let him do whatever he wants to his car, just give him good advice of what is good or bad when speaking about quality, not ur personal taste....thats just wrong... Kid with the lex, enjoy u ride dude, just dont put cheap stuff on it and take care of it ..... u dont need a damn civic!
  23. Good job dude, it came out awesome and gave me some ideas to make mine better!
  24. If I were you I wouldnt even bother doing this, if done properly you will end up without a back seat and heavy as hell... I dont know if you ever had a convertible car before, but what happens is that since theres no roof support (the roof acts like a chassi) they have to put this hughe metal bars in the center of the car to keep it from flexing. I had many convertibles before, Rx7, del sol, miata, .....if you really want to see a car flex get into a del sol without the targa on...and thats in a little car....you can just imagine in a big car like sc with NO roof at all.....so basically you have to add this hughe pieces of metal that will slow you down, and you will have no back seat cos from what ive noticed theres no other space where to stick support bars on that car. And if a shop tells you not to wrry about that they are lying cos u need new support from somewhere.....so dont bother dude, not to mention the amount of $$$$$$ thats going to cost , cos u have to take it to a reputable place otherwise they can really mess ur ride up. IMHO ---> Abort Mission ;)
  25. do NOT bother with maaco....can u say false advertising? Well yes, they advertise paint for $400 or something, which is bull crap....anyways best bet is find a pop and mom place that does good work, look at the cars the are painting and see how they come out.....then tell them you want to paint ur car but will be uing your own money so u want a good price, not insurance price.... I got my car repainted (same color though) for $1000 but they also did some good body work that was needed. Important thing, make sure they use OEM quality paint, and I would get 2 clear coats as well for extra protection. Maybe $150 extra but well worth it. You can probably get the paint job in a new color for a little over $1,000 just shop arround, someone good will do it....specially if u dont have body work to worry about... good luck!
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