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Is This Possible?

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My brother decided to get a '92 Lexus ES 300 for me from this mechanic shop. It has 130,000 miles on it with the transmission already rebuilt.

Anyhow, when I test drove it, the acceleration seemed weak. I had to wait a few seconds for it to accelerate after I stepped on the gas peddle.

Is this situation normal or because of the car's age making it losing its' power?

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How did the transmission shift feel? As it could be a number of things tranny might not even be the problem. What kind of service has the car had as far as tune up's? and major maintenance is concerned?

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i have a 92' with 9 kims away from hitting 150,000 and my acceleration seems fine, as soon as the contact with the peddle is made you get response. the gear changes are also very good, not jerky when you put it into drive or park or reverse either. maybe you could check and see if their is alot of slack on the gas peddle cable under the hood, but it sounds like a more complex problem. let me know when you find the answer.

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