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Sc400 Brake Dilemma

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I've got a '94 SC400 with 100K miles on it and I'm on the verge of receiving

my new wheels (18" DTM Kreuz 10 two pieces) and I started looking for

alternatives to dress up the nasty looking rotor hats that are now going

to be all too visible. I've read through what seem to be all of the relevant

threads in the forum, but wound up with more questions than answers and

was hoping to for some opinions/assistance.

I've got three options I'm considering, each with a set of questions:

1. Just clean and paint the hats with some high-temp paint. Well I guess

I don't have any questions with this one.

2. Upgrade to some coated rotors. The top two on the list are the nickel

plated rotors from Frozen Rotors or the cadmium plated PowerSlots. If I'm

going to upgrade, I'm inclined to go with slotted, but I've read lots of stories

about the slotted rotors chewing up OEM brake pads. Is this an experience

any of you with slotted rotors have had? If you've upgraded pads as well,

do you have any recommendations on pads? I'm just concerned about the

noise associated with many of the higher performance pads.

3. If I'm considering #2 ($600), why not considering upgrading the calipers

now as well. I was surprised to see how much lighter the LS400 and Supra

calipers are compared to the SC400 calipers. I'm also going to have a lot more

stickier tread on the ground (Michelin PS2s, 245 on the front and 265 on the

rear), so I might actually get some additional stopping power out of a bigger

caliper right? Even if I don't dropping eight pounds off the wheel (according

to the FAQ) would be a good thing. However, I can't find any details on the

Supra or LS400 upgrades--poor search terms perhaps. Is there a procedure

posted somewhere along with the part numbers that I'd need for retrofitting

the Supra or LS400 calipers on a '94 SC400? Anybody have any thoughts

or preferences between the two choices or the value of the upgrade in


I've never been very happy with the brakes on my SC. I just seem to have

to press harder on the pedal than I think I should. I'm going to change

out the brake fluid this week just to eliminate any issues with that. Brake

pads, calipers, and rotors have all been inspected/replaced as necessary

when I painted the rusty original calipers.

Thanks for your help,


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well 1st off you should not even make #1 an option personally if your looking to buy slotted rotors its a good idea but you should never use oem brake pads with slotted rotors your suppose to use the upgraded metallic pads another option would be to keep the rotors you have now and have every thing powder coated

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1. Its kind of ghetto, but it works

2. Slotted rotors will chew up pads because thats what they are supposed to do. The pads get heated and the slots are supposed to shave off a bit every time they pass to prevent glazing. At least thats how i understand it. I have slotted and diamond drilled and they work alot better than the stock system. I didnt get any special pad, just what they had on the shelves. There is a noise, but its just a whur kinda sound when you get on it really hard. Usually thats when the back end comes around also.

3. Calipers are up to you. You may need the supra or LS brake booster depending if you get all four corners done. Its pretty much guarenteed that its going to stop better with 4 pots in front and 2 pot out back. Here's some info on the brake swap

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soarer_479: Hmmm, I never thought of powder-coating. The paint would likely

just be an interim thing, something less ugly than the rust until I make up my

mind about whether or not to upgrade calipers. Got any recommendations on

brake pad brands?

bean_8044: Thanks for the pointer. I thought I had seen such a thing before.

I could probably live with the sound you describe, depending on the volume. I

just want to avoid squealing.

Has anyone made a four-point caliper swap? Did you change out the brake booster

as well?

Thanks for the help,


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I've done the LS400 calipers up front and I MAY do the TT calipers in the rear at some point in the future. There is no need to change out the booster. It's fine. BTW, LS400 calipers make this car stop unbelievably well. I'm really happy with this upgrade. I'd suggest going with SS brake lines while you're at it. That'll help even more. I didn't do this and I now wish I did.

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I've done the LS400 calipers up front and I MAY do the TT calipers in the rear at some point in the future.

I just realized that I haven't seen a bit of discussion about the rear

calipers on the LS400. Aren't they a two-pot caliper as well?

If I upgrade the calipers (which I probably will), I'd really prefer to use the

LS400 calipers--I like the lower weight compared to the Supra calipers--but

it sure would be nice to have all of the aftermarket choices of the Supra.

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The LS400(95-00) calipers are the same as the SC and use single piston designs so there is no use in "upgrading" to LS400 rears. Go with tt calipers in the rear. I tell you what though, once you do the front upgrade you won't even want to do the rears. It stops that good.

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