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Tire/rim Installation: How? Can A Newbie Do It?


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Greetings, all. I have a 1997 ES300, with a fairly fast leak in the left front tire. The dealership found that the inside of the rim is rusty; combine that with the weight of the vehicle and air leaks out. The dealership said I might be able to get it fixed; failing that, I need a new rim.

A few questions: what's the probability I can just get my current rim fixed? Do I need to replace *all* rims, or can I just do the one? I've found inexpensive-looking rims at wheels-and-rims.com; if I get rims shipped to me, where might I find instructions on how to remove my current tire and put it on the new rim? How easy is it to do this? What other steps would I need to perform? Can I just take them to Tire Kingdom (for example) and ask them to do it?

Thanks for your help!

-- Larry

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It depends on what kind of rims you have now. Unless it is severe, a rim can always be fixed by a good wheel shop. It may cost about $70 - $150 depending on the rim and the damage. Are the rims worth that much? If not or close, I'd just get a new one.

As for DIY, taking off and putting on tires is not really easy. Do you see that machine tire/wheel shops have to remove and put on the tires? Unless you have one of those, I'd just take it to a shop. If you have nice rims, however, make sure you get recommendations to the shop and assurances from the shop that they have handled nice rims and won't damage yours.

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Easy enough to refinish the inner or outer rim bead. The part the tire sits against the rim.

A good bit of sand paper is usully all that is needed.

Or send it out to be fixed while you drive a round on your full sized spare tire .

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