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I Did It All

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Hey Lexo is back....It has been a while since I wrote. :blushing: I have been to hell and back.......I have rebuilt the entire motor. rebuilt the turbo, Cutom built my manifold system, rebuilt my trany ( that was an education)

I have had my baby in the shop for 4 months. I don't remember what it looks like.

I found a ton of issues on the trany build. I found some cool shops to help me out as well. I think I may know a few more things about this car than I knew before this all started 4 months ago :blink: Just wanted to say hi, and let everyone know I am still here and if they have any questions about any upgrades to any of the areas above :) I may be able to help :lol:

I hope to have it back next week. WITH more HP better grip, more boost! After 12,000.00 it better eh! We will see what the track test say......

Lexo. :P

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Hey guys. Phantom Motor Sports here in Utah is doing all the work. I have the 99 GS ( silver ) with dark silver tribal flames painted in. ( I think that was some good ol Utah red neck idea that kicked in)

I was running the SRT t-4 turbo stage 3. I had the boost around 8 lbs. I broke the rings on the 3rd piston about 6 months ago. I am not sure if it was boost or the way the SRT manifold kit is set up? I have custom built the manifold into a longer barrel design to get more "even" pull from the manifold rather than the closest piston to the turbo.

I replaced the crank, pistons, rods, with forged turbo pistons fron the Supra store...I am not sure of the name or brand. replaced the head and gasket with a turbo design off the Supra. I run the Level 10 tranny. I looked into Sound Perfomance trany as well ( they have a built ones ready for drop in) I went with the level 10 due to (warenty issues). The TC is a higher stall ( not much more than factory ) but built a hell of a lot stronger. I guess the TC blows before much in the tranny goes when you start gettn some juice to the engin.

I have a dts-4 ign. I also run the super afc. I have no cats or o2's....I have the electronic bypasses for them, but am looking to run a complete ECU ( stand alone) to over come some other stock set up issues. I also am running a cooler for the trans. With all this, I am broke.....happy, but broke. I will get better details and some progress photos up soon. Thanks guys. :D

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