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Finally Have My Pics Up.

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hey guys,

thanx for the help getting my pics up, sorry i didn't link them to the page, so you'll have to go to the es gallery to view them. my pics start at page 32 and first picture is DSC0004 and stops at DSC00029. let me know what you all think, i would love some feed back.


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Well, do this. Go to the gallery and right click on one of your car's picture. Enlarge it if you want.

After you right click on them, on the option bar pick properties. A new window should come up, then copy the URL Address of the picture from the properties.

Then come back to this post and do a "New Reply" so you have all the option here. Click on the 'IMG' button, it is located next to the 'http://'. A new window should come up after you hit the 'IMG' button. Paste the URL address in it [the adress that you copies from the gallery.] And hit OK.

Hit Add Reply And thats it.

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