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Led Taillights (like G35)

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I was wondering if there are LED taillights available for the 1st gen GS's (like the G35). I've looked around for quite a bit so I was curious of any of you have heard of this before. I'd love to change my taillights.. they're boring.

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I think you are going to have a tough time finding them , I can't even find clear taillights for my 98 GS300 with colored bulbs , custom work is the only way that I know of so far . Will keep searching..........................................................

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If you find a good solution keep us posted , I FIND THAT SOMEONES CUSTOM WORK LEADS TO SOMEONES PRODUCTION IF THE DEMAND IS THERE , Next thing you see LEXUS will go all led . After all they did figure out the probs with there initial led applications .

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Thanks dcfish.. but $200 to put a breadboard with LED's inside my lights? is there any company that actually makes LED taillights?

Considering the 10k pure red LED's are $7.50 each at street cost, and there are upwards of 150+ on the Lextech boards, you do the math. That isn't including resistors either, nor the cost of the boards... then factor in time. They need to be $300 instead but..... oh well.

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