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  1. Can't imagine why anyone would have a problem communicating with you. LOL, these are usually the types that have an issue and post. All 7 of them, the other 6,500 in 8+ years must speak the language and can count to 5. Seriously it's easy to jump on a bandwagon on the interweb, but I don't think a company that has several hundred buyers in Club Lexus group buy threads every time they made one years back and only 7 people complain in 8 years is going to bother anyone which a brain and can do the math. Do it right, nobody says a word. LOL, what country are you in? Patents are 15 years, copyright is ten. Can be more, but not less.
  2. They will not fit your vehicle.
  3. There are some pics in brandon's forum: http://lextech.org/forums/index.php?PHPSES...7&topic=8.0 Just take your time. The dimmer panel has two tabs of which one may likely break when removing. The other thing is the three plugs on the cluster are VERY stubborn. Use a small eyeglasses flatblade to remove the center tab of the plugs. :) Good luck!
  4. VJZ, like most trouble makers, has a problem following rules and ever since he was given infractions by THREE moderators he's been running around talking out is you know what trying to start trouble anywhere he can. It's too bad that on the internet you only go by a user id posting whatever they want, because in the real world you'd never give what that guy says a second thought. Just a juvenile troublemaker. You couldn't follow the rules and got put out, quit whining about it, but by all means stay over here please. This situation works out great. At least get your facts correct. As Davegs4 posted here: http://www.clublexus.com/forums/showthread.php?t=343266 LLS was sold off more than 2 years ago to a new owner. You can't even get that right, how are you going to feed the rest of the internet info? - VJZ is a delinquent that was ousted from CL and is now mad at the world. he has a problem with authority and rules. - VJZ is not only spreading malicious lies, he can't even get his facts straight. _________________________________________________________________ Dave, In their forums they have a sticky that says "read this info" or something to that effect and it is in every email they send out. It clearly explains the waterfall needles and how they are purposely designed to eliminate heat that kills the factory needles. It's no surprise how they look upon return. There's no reason anyone should be surprised in their lighting effect, it is put out there for everyone to read before purchase and on the page where they sell them in the store it says "do NOT buy these until you read the forums". I mean...... can't really get more clear than that, eh? People try and buy OEM needles from an aftermarket company that states "we designed them to be completely different from OEM" doesn't always make much sense......... I'd reckon you bought the red needles, because all the other colors are not affected by daylight quite so much. Red is a natural color that blends with sunlight, unlike the bright blue or the bright white (or even green). In that respect you have a needle that is not designed like OEM and is the color of sunlight..... and you are expecting a laser of light to come out of the dash...... which is not going to happen. I know Brandon offers people the chance to change the color if they buy red and they don't like it because some areas (new mexico, cali, etc) are a lot more sunny than others and SOME people prefer the needle to stand out more. I'm sure he offered you that option also. He wouldn't just leave you out in the cold, but he can't make it "more red" than it is. The "mixed reviews" are real simple folks..... when you do something right, no one is sure you did anything. When you do something wrong, or someone says you did, it's on the front page. The same 5 people who have ever had an issue with Lextech have been repeatedly posting the same crap over and over and over for years trying to run them in the ground. Go ahead and look.... they might jump forums, but they are the same 5 people. I get 18 hits for a problem with LLS, half of those are repeat threads, 2 of them are not really even complaints. So I get a total of 7 actual logged complaints that for arguments sake we'll just call "unresolved". Lextech has been in business for 6+ years, it had already serviced over 2,500 clusters by the time I sold it of, and in the last three years Brandon says it doubled business and he is around 4,500 clusters serviced over the last 6 years. You can pull up 18 total complaints, half of which are duplicates from the same person, and tell me this has a disappointing factor to it? Get real! That's OVER 99.5% customer satisfaction in a high volume internet business. Not ever Carson Toyota has that kind of record. Brandon has done an excellent job of progressing the business, and Im really proud of him. Remember folks, when you do something right, no one is sure you've done anything at all! :) 6+ years, nearing 5,000 clusters and you can't fill one page of google on complaints. That's absolutely awesome. VJZ can come back in and trash up the thread if he wishes, but I'm done here. Just remember, it's the internet folks, it takes all kinds. C-ya! :)
  5. Tom, since everyone wants to point you in the direction of buying something rather than answering your question I'll help. No, replacing the LCD will not do anything for functionality. There have been several instances where the climate units brain dies. If your fuses are good in the drivers kick panel behind the carpet, then find yourself a completely new unit. Be sure to get one in the range of your year model (92-94, 95-96, 97-00). Otherwise it will not work. Some of the pin outs were changed each revision. Good luck! :)
  6. 46k? Brother you have a LONG way to go before you need to worry with the timing belt. There are people out there (foolishly) running 250k on the OEM belt. Not that smart, but it still runs.
  7. There are differences within just the same year! Trac option, and a few others too. Most of it will work so you may get what you need anyway.
  8. You're not going to fix anything for $8. The hose is a triple layer multi threaded high pressure hose. Using anything but OEM or an alternate made for that purpose using the same material is like hooking garden hose to a fire hydrant.
  9. NO. http://lextech.org/gallery/displayimage.ph...um=3&pos=11 ^^ Differences. No needle from any model crosses over to the other except the 1st gen Gs and 95-96 SC. No other needle from any revision or lexus will cross over to the other including years between SC's. 92-94 will not fit 95-96, nor 97-00. and vice versa.
  10. If the ODO is not changing, then it is a speed sensor. It's not getting signal to the cluster.
  11. The only other thing I have seen is with after market stereo's. Sometimes the wire gets pinched during the install and eventually grounds.
  12. http://lextech.org/forums/index.php?topic=8.0 There ya go :)
  13. All that at once seems to point to a bad spot in the harness.
  14. pretty cool, I would have guessed a thermostat.
  15. Rollers can be rented for about $50 for the weekend with about a $200 deposit.
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