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  1. Hi John....welcome to the Club Good to have you onboard Cheers Trevor
  2. It's always a difficult one to diagnose dodgy solenoids but one way would be to get someone on the key and tap the starter with the end of a heavy bar or stick. If the motor spins then chances are it's the starter solenoid at fault. I believe you can replace the solenoid contacts quite easily yourself, saving lots of money
  3. I think the rubber seal if not positioned where it should be would definitely cause noise issues. For what it costs, maybe replacing them would prove or disprove the theory but at least it would be a good conclusion.
  4. If it is interference bleed over into the sensor, then move the wiring away from anything else (such as Ignition Leads) or insulate with tin foil and earth out...usually does the trick
  5. Hi Kevin...welcome to the Forum I wouldn't bother with using the handbrake, as the transmission locks the vehicle in place so no need to apply the handbrake. Saying that, it may be worth applying it every so often to keep the mechanism moving and keeping it from seizing.
  6. Hi Pol...welcome to the Forum I would think the tape deck will stand proud and the fascia won't fit but worth trying if cheap enough.
  7. Hi Alonzo....welcome to the Forum I would advise a new set of coil springs all round There should be plenty available as aftermarket modified spring kits on eBay
  8. could be the wiring loom faulty or interference from ignition to the knock sensor (move the wiring away from other leads on the engine)
  9. Hi Ralph...welcome to the Forum The RX is a great car...sounds like you got a bargain there :-) Cheers Trevor
  10. Hi Vincent...welcome to the Forum Look forward to seeing some pics of the RX Cheers Trevor
  11. Hi Ausencio...welcome to the Forum lol, there is nothing 'girlie' about the RX, maybe the SC but definitely not the RX Cheers Trevor
  12. Hi Jacob...welcome to the Forum You can place an advert in the Lexus Parts Wanted section of the Forum if you want Cheers Trevor
  13. Hi...welcome to the Forum Lovely to see they older models still looking absolutely fine (except for the paint fade)...hopefully it will buff up nicely? Cheers Trevor
  14. Welcome back Josh...and what a fine collection of cars you have there. I particularly like the to be getting rare now? Cheers Trevor
  15. Hi Scott....welcome to the Forum The SC is a superb car and one that is still on my 'to get' list of cars to experience. Enjoy the Forum Cheers Trevor