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  1. Hi Charles....welcome to the Club Glad to hear you're back in the Lexus fold again...can't beat a quality car from a great manufacturer Cheers, Trevor
  2. Sounds like switches have dirty contacts...maybe just try it several times as you did to see if they start working properly
  3. I would replace any filters and fluids that you can find....after 90k miles virtually everything should be replaced.
  4. Hi Rob.....welcome to the Club Very handy having a good Lexus trained mechanic living nearby. This does, however mean that you will not be able to move house for as long as you own the LS :-) Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  5. Hi Dan....welcome to the Club The best bet is to have mooch through the posts on here as I'm sure someone will have had the same problems and there will be many solutions to them. Look forward to seeing a piccy of the IS Cheers, Trevor
  6. Hi Tom....welcome to the Club
  7. Hi Ric...welcome to the Forum Ask away with any questions Cheers, Trevor
  8. That certainly doesn't look right...almost as though the charge was not sufficient to fully deploy the airbag
  9. What do you mean by 'partially deployed'...did it inflate at all or only come out of the housing without inflating? Do you have any pictures of it once deployed?
  10. Hi Jim....welcome to the Forum sounds like you're on top of all the maintenance tasks...hope you resolve the fuel pump issue. Cheers, Trevor
  11. Hi Jonas...welcome to the Forum Lexus is indeed a very fine car and should give many years of trouble free motoring. I cannot believe that they want that much money to repair a BMW...that's an obscene amount! Cheers Trevor
  12. HI Jim First thoughts are that it needs a fuel cleaner running through the engine and a very good blast at high revs to clean out the carbon build-up in the engine and exhaust system. This would cost very little to do and I'm sure you would see some benefits from it even if it does not cure the fault. Secondly, I would check for air leaks in the inlet manifold area which could also cause the symptoms you describe. Keep us updated on what you find Cheers Trevor
  13. Maintenance Free batteries are genuinely that and don't require any maintenance of any description internally, with the exception of keeping the terminals clean and coated with an anti-corrosion spray grease. The battery should have an internal hydrometer to gauge the condition of the cells and electrolyte. Green is good, amber or white is charge needed and black is game over.
  14. Was the filler cap a geniune OE part as I know this is the usual cause of the fault where it doesn't seal correctly
  15. I'm not an air con specialist by any means but if it has seized then it is likely to have induced some material into the system. However, replacement of the whole system on a car of that age for a huge amount of money....I think I would replace the pump and blow through any air cond components with an airline to expel any foreign objects. Like I say, not the expert but if this worked it would save a bucket load of money.