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  1. If I had not done the work myself I would not have been able to discuss the bushings. I will hypothesize for you the following: Since the parts you noted are all atached to the control arms in some way, and since the only interface between the control arms and the body of the vehicle are the bushings, it will make little difference in the shimmying if the bushings are, and I use the term in the textbook definition of the word - crap. In order to see the bushings you have to remove the shock, the upper ball joint, the wheel hub assemb
  2. Hey all: I posted a few weeks ago about the fact that I was undertaking a total suspension refurb and that I would post the process with pictures for all to refer to. I am sorry that I was not able to do that because of time but will offer some findings. I replaced the front shocks and rear struts with KYB GR2s. I also got the suspension bushing kit from TM engineering as well as the steering rack bushing kit. I replaced the tie rod ends and the lower ball joints (from what I have seen they give out around 75,000 and I have 75,500 on my GS4. I completed the refurb with standard tools (no c
  3. There is a bonus here if you read what follows. My wife's 2000 Sienna Van power door lock master switch will only unlock the doors. It will not lock them - that must be done manually for alll 4 doors and the tailgate. I checked the fuses and the wires to the best of my ability and found nothing. I replaced the master switch and after plugging it in the problem was not solved. I then purchased a door lock actuator and installed it last night (BTW not to bad of a job if it is done slowly and methodically), and still the problem exists. I found the relays but do not know how to check them. Doe
  4. I searched the tutorials and maintenance sections looking for an article I once viewed in how to replace the various bushings made by Daizen. I have 76,000 miles on my vehicle and have been having the front end "hippie hippie shakes" for long enough at 60 MPH. Tried all recommended solutions without success. Since the shocks need replacement I am going to replace the lower ball joints, tie rod ends, and steering and suspension bushings. The parts are on order from TM engineering. I own a complete repair manual for the GS400 but reading through the instructions appeared that more was broken dow
  5. Interesting that this topic keeps coming up. A year ago I posted just this issue. I drive 95% city and yesterday I was up to 60 in the 45MPH zone (simply because it was 65 degrees and the sunroof was open) and as I reached 60 the Steering wheel began to vibrate CW/CCW. I had my tires load tested and balanced, had the wheels laser aligned, and added nitro to the tires. At low speeds the car handles better than it did prior to this but at 60 it vibrates and then diminishes as it gets up to 70 (but is still present). I just searched this topic and found this TSB
  6. Hey I just happened a few years ago to hear an episode of Click and Clack, the car repair guys from Boston. The problem is condensation left in the vent system after running the AC. As the car's cabin warms up the tubing/ pipes/ vent stuff can perspire. As that sits, it gets a musty smell. They recommended 2 options. 1, before you turn your Ac off, run it on hot for a minute or 2 to clear the moisture (not an option for me in the suummer, which coincidentally is when I use the AC. and 2. there was some spray neutralizer stuff that repair shops could spray into your vents that was suposed t
  7. Thanks for the assist. I got the michillen exalto v-rated tires from costco, cost about $130 mounted, balanced, w/ nitrogen and new valves. there was a $60 rebate at the time, they also have the H rated exaltos which are decent also. other than that, i'd just say get some kumho's.
  8. Very interesting. I have a 98 GS400 and had the same thing with OEM chrome 16 " rims and non- OEM tires. Took it in for alignment and was told not needed. Had the tires re-balanced which diminished but did not eliminate the vibration. Since I do most of my driving in town, not much opportunity to evaluate the vibration at highway speeds. Changed over to snows just before Thanksgiving (OEM used rims and Blizzak WS50s) and viola- problem gone. Just took at 2 hour trip this past weekend via highway at 75-80 mph without even a hint of vibration. Is it really a tire issue, since all have the same
  9. I have taken the lenses off 2 times to replace rear end bulbs. I do not have pictures but there are 3 bolts on the rear lens. Two are accessed from behind semicircular caps on the body just outside the weatherstripping that seals the trunk. They pry out with a flat blade screwdriver but do not force or the caps will become dented. You can remove the 2 nuts once they are exposed. The 3rd bolt is accesses from inside the trunk. It is covered by a plastic cap that twists off (reminded me of the oil fill cap when removing- quarter twist and pull out). The nut is accessed from here (deep socket i
  10. I went this route 2 years ago. I have OEM chrome rims that I do not want to junk up. Additionally, a rear wheel drive vehicle, even with traction control, was beyond what I wanted to use without snows. I located rims on tirerack that would fit my vehicle (looked at specs of different lexus models and toyota models and matched that way) and then the tire I wanted was a Blizzak WS50 (exceptional and highly recommended on this site for a reason- It was like having cramp-ons on my wheels with the traction control and this tire). I ended up purchasing a set of 4 tires with rims o e-bay for less tha
  11. I replaced the one in my 98 GS400 last January and did not do anything special. It was down to the point of not turning the engine over and I removed the dead one and placed a new one in it. Had no issues with my remotes but at start up the engine was idling oddly for a few minutes as I recall. Seemed to be doing some type of electronic adjustments. Have had no issues over the past 12 months related to electrical or remotes. As a disclaimer, I am not a mechanic. I know there are gurus on this site and I will defer to them if their response differs from mine. Good luck.
  12. 135 MPH on I-95 south in Massachusetts back in 1993 while on my 1988 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10. They had recently paved the road with virgin hot top. Throttled down when I felt the front end unweight as I went over a small ridge. :o In my 1998 GS400, I haven't had any fun above 90. :(
  13. I happened to be on e-bay looking at a 1998 lexus gs400 and noted one of his upgrades was Daizen control arm bushings (As I read there is a kit available). THere is also a disxcussion thread at Since I have used LOC for all of my info and have never been mislead, I am bringing this to the group. I have very slight vibration upon braking and had a lot of vibration at 60 mph that seemed to improve once past 65-70. Don't do much hwy travel so not too much of an issue. It improved with an alignment and balance but not totally. On this th
  14. Nothing to who???? I remember a buddy who had relatives in england going to visit in the mid 80s. He said gas was in the mid $3.00 range as I recall. I rember saying that I would stop driving if gas EVER went up to $1.75. Aaah. The ignorance of youth.
  15. Good to know and now I feel better knowing this info. Another lunchtime conversation topic put to rest. Will have to find another. Have a great day. :D
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