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  1. still looking joe Z intake?

  2. Just like the title says i'm looking to purchase a used Joe Z or F Sport intake ASAP! I have a Fujita intake on my car that i'm looking to get rid of. If you have either of these and are willing to sell please let me know ASAP. I live in the Chicago area so I will pay for shipping. Thank you
  3. Just like the title says i need the stock airbox (upper and lower section) from an ISx50. I need this ASAP so if you have one please let me know. I live in the Chicago area so if you're local i can pick up, otherwise i will pay for shipping. I also have a Fugita short ram intake for sale for the isx50, if you're willing to trade let me know. Thank you, Justin
  4. I've had rims damaged from both Discount Tire and Firestone, I will never go to either again.
  5. But if I created a short with a light bulb wouldn't it just blow a fuse? That's what fuses are for. BTW my battery terminal look like new, no corrosion there.
  6. Thanks, that's my guess to but it's weird, it started the very moment I put the bulb in. Could it possbily be my battery going out? It's going on 4 years old, it's orginal with the car.
  7. Ok so here's the situation. I bought my 2006 is350 about 6 months ago with 37,000 miles on it. The car was in excellent condition but I nnoticed after a few days of driving it that the car did not have the LED foot well lights on during night driving. After further insepction and pulling off the lower footwell covers from underneath the dash, the lights were missing, they have been unplugged from the socket. So just recently I purchased these lights from Sewell Lexus and they just arrived yesterday. Last night I decided to install them, and they did not work. It's a LED bulb with 2 wires coming out and white connector on the end. The connector fit into the car's end but the light would not turn on. After further inspection the prongs on the inside of the connector did not match up to the cars connector, it was odd even though the connectors were meant to plug into each other. There was also no other way to plug it in. I was convinced that the problem was the connector so I decided to bypass the connector and hardwire the bulb in. After I did that sure enough the light lit up and everything was perfect. The light turned on like it was supposed to and dimmed once the car was shut off and doors closed. I snapped the bulb socket into the footwell panel, put the panels back in place and I was done. I went to go start up my car and I noticed that when I put my car in ACC the navigation did not turn on and my clock was halfway dim, the first numbers were bright but the second numbers were dim. I shut off my car and turned it back on ACC again and my gauges would light up but my NAV wouldn't turn on. I went to go further and turn on the car and I would get a grinding noise, almost like the sound of a starter against a flywheel that wasn't moving. I did this processes repaetedly about 8-10 times and things just started getting progressively worse, more lights and things would not work, my headlights stayed on even though the switch was turned completely off. I eventually popped the hood and disconnected the battery, waited about 10 minutes and plugged it back in. Everything seemed fine and as soon as I tried to start the car I would get the grinding noise and things started getting progressively worse again. When I disconnected the battery the navagation actually turned on but after a few more tries actually stopped working again. I checked fuses on both the driversside and passenger side including under the hood and everything seemed fine. So I had no choice but to call roadside assistance to have them tow my car to the dealer so it could be looked at first thing in the morning. I could not even put the car into gear or get it out of park. During the final stage it wouldn't start or even attempt, the grinding noise stopped and nothing really reacted when I pushed the start button other than the bell that dings. Some lights were dead, some were half on, and some were full brightness. After about 2 hours of waiting the tow truck came to my house and I just tried to start it up one more time, this time it started for a split second and as soon as it started the lights flickered and the car immediately shut down. Tried it once more and the car started right up. I shut it down and tried it again and it started up just fine. I laughed a little and the tow truck driver said my car had ghosts in it. So I decided not to tow my car and this morning the car started up just fine and I drove it to work. My question is what the heck happened???!!! I meant i've done alot of electrical work on cars before but changing a stupid light bulb caused all of this? Or did something else happen and it just happened to be a fluke that I was changing a light bulb? I would bring it to the dealer but I highly doubt they can daignose it if the car is working smoothly. Would it possibly have something to do with the antitheft system? Even if hardwiring the bulb caused some sort of a short in the wiring, first off the buld would not turn on and and still be working just fine, but if it did all it should do is simply blow a fuse not completely disable the entire vehicle. Any experts out there know what could have caused this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.....
  8. Well first off the MPG meter on the car is not correct, they never have been. I get about 19.8 or so when I do the math when the onboard computer tells me I have nearly 21 MPG. I had a IS250 awd for a year and then sold it for a 350. I can honestly say the 350 gets the same gas mileage, actually alitte better on the hwy as I got 32 MPG on a 250 mile trip. The 250 is underpowered so even the most easy moves takes alot more from the motor which results in worse gas mileage. Everything about the 350 is done with ease and barely strains the motor. I noticed with my 250 I was always revving the motor out to get minimal power, always hanging around 6k rpms, the 350 will do the same in under 4k rpms. At 6k in my 250 I was doing the speed limit or alittle more just trying to pass, in the 350 6k rpms is jail time as your doing 90+ very quickly. That's just my personal expeirence with both cars.....
  9. Yeah I do find it to be insane for as expensive and nice looking as wheels are i'm suprised that tire shops don't take special care. These are steelies with hubcaps!
  10. You did bring up a very good point which I didn;t think of. If the shop is saying they didn't bend the rims then why would he not inform me that they were bent when he was mounting the tires at the time. Needless to say I was getting the run around but they were owning up the the chipped paint but not the bend. The assistance manager said it's very possible to chip the paint. I find that absolutely insane that is possible! Needless to say the assistance managers weren;t giving any help so I decided to climb my way up the corporate ladder. I contact a Discount Tire site vendor on the my.is forums. He sent my complaint to corporate where I got three calls within an hour. The second to last call was from a regional manager who was very plite and apologized for my inconvenience. He stated that the store manager would call me. As soon as I hung up with him the store manager called 5 minutes later. I brought my car in and he took a look at it, once again owning up the chipped paint but did not know how the bends could happen as nothing they have could cause that sort of bend. Funny thing was that when I spoke with the regional manager he said it's not impossible for a tire installer to bend a rim. After the store manager looked more closely at the bends he did not own up to it but he did agree to fix. After looking at the bends I think he could tell it was not caused from a pothole, the bends were very clean and all the same size and shape on all four wheels.discount tire dismounted the tires from the wheels this past Saturday and sent them in to get reapired on Monday, I should have them back tomorrow. The store manager personally took the tires off himself and i'm going to make sure he personally put them back on himself. I haven't got my wheels back yet but I have to say I am very pleased with the service discount tire provided, atleast it's corporate end. It's good to see that there is still some customer service out there. In the end I know it was their fault even though they have not owned up to both claims. Mistakes do happen, no one is perfect but you must own up to them in order to keep customers.
  11. I recently purchased new factory rims for my is350 as my old one were pitting around the center caps. The wheels were bought off of ebay from a Lexus dealer. The wheels were mounted on a 2009 is350 and were never driven on the road. The customer wanted other wheels so they were dismounted prior to delivery to the customer. When I got the wheels they were prestine and were actually in toyota boxes. with felt covers over them. I insepcted each wheel thoroughly and only find a small hairline sratch in one of them, otherwise they were perfect. I brought my car to discount tire and had the new Continental DWS's installed (awesome tire btw!). My appointment was at 4pm and they finished at 5:30pm which it was already dark outside. I brought my car home which is no more than 2 miles down the road and parked it in my garage so I can take a closer look at the tires and the tread pattern. Upon inspection I immediately noticed one of my brand new rims had paint chipped off around the center caps about 1.5 inches long. As a matter of fact 3 out of the 4 rims had paint chipped 1 slight, one moderate, and one extreme down to the bar aluminum. Also upon further inspection I noticed that 3 of my rims were slightly bent around the lip. they each had a mark on the very top edge of the lip about 1.5 inches long where there tire almost covers it. One rims had no damage whatsoever but both my rear rims have significant damage from the bent lip. You can tell it was done recently and was also done by a tool or machine and not a pothole. The bend is clean but very noticable. I called discount tire and they are owning up to the paint chips but they say that it's absolutely impossbile to bend a rim while mounting a tire, they said it would require significant force which is just not possible for their equipment or tools. I'd like to take thir word for it but the reality is that I inspected each wheel twice, one when they were delivered and once prior to bringing them to the tire shop. These bends were absolutely not their before because I check oall outer edges and it's also very noticable. Do anyone have any advice to shed on this? Any tire installers out there willing to shed some light? I'm very concerned and I may take this up with corporate if it's not resolved.
  12. I'm just wondering if they will clear the calipers as i'm looking for a a set of winter rims.
  13. I absolutely do not regret having the work done on my car. The noise does not do any damage but it's a noise that is unacceptable for any car let alone a Lexus. I did post an update stating that I had excessive smoke coming from my tailpipe. It was just residue that was burning off from when the worked on my car. It actually went away within 2 days. The car runs and sounds perfect. It actually idles and runs much smoother overall. First off let me clear up a forum myth on this procedure. They DO NOT open up the motor to do this. All they are simply doing is replacing the cam gear which requires the partial removal of the timing chain. If the head is not lifted than are hardly call this opening up the motor. They do not even drain the oil to do this procedue, that should tell you something in itself. Overall it's a simple fix that should be done by anyone who is experiencing the noise. I would be interested in another update justflyin83. Do you regret getting the maintenance done or did the dealer resolve your issues after the so called fix was done. I too have an 06 IS350 with the same issue as everyone else on this tread. After reading all the posts to date I am still undecided as to whether this repair is worth it or not. I would still like to know from someone "in the know", if damage is being done to the engine when this rattling noise occurs. I can't imagine it's not, from the sound it makes. The randomness of it is very confusing. I cringe at the thought of my engine being opened up, I read the entire TSB, and it is a pretty invasive procedure. I agree, once you open up a factory built engine, it's never the same. I am going to monitor this thread for awhile before I take the plunge. I have 35000 mi. on my car, so I have plenty of warranty left, my only concern again is, am I doing damage to this engine or not. Rickaokc
  14. Woah......hold on Tex! First off try to type in normal casing, it doesn't have to be in all CAPS. I understand you like the car and think it's the coolest thing since sliced bread but get ahold of yourself. First off the brakes are stock, he just painted the stock IS350 calipers. How did he get it so low? Simple.... probably lowering springs or coilovers, how else would he get it low? Black is also one of the easiest colors to keep clean, white being the worst. The 2nd gen IS has been around since 2006 so if you think this is the coolest looking IS then you need to do some searching buddy. There are some crazy IS's out there. You can also do all these things to your car but it will cost money. Although yours will not be as fast as his. He put nice rims on, not sure how much they run but I would figure that they are in the ballpark of $2000 without tires. Lowering springs do not cost too much either but you'll shorten the life expectancy of your shocks if you don't replace those too. Other than those two things that all that's really been done to this car other than the do it yourself brake caliper job and window tints. WOW! I LOVE THIS CAR! DOES ANYONE KNOW WHO THIS IS? I'M NEW TO THIS CLUB. I JUST BOUGHT A IS250 6 MONTHS AGO, AND I REALLY LOVE MY CAR. UNTIL I SAW THIS ONE. IT'S PERFECT. NOT TOO MUCH AND VERY CLASSSY. ITS A 350? IM SOOOOOOO JEALOUS NOW. I CANT EVEN THINK OF WORDS THAT DO JUSTICE TO THE RIMS AND THE LOW STANCE OF THE CAR. WHAT KIND OF BRAKES ARE THOSE? IS THAT BLACK HARD TO KEEP CLEAN? HOW IS THE RIDE OF THE CAR? HOW DID YOU GET IT LOW LIKE THAT? SORRY FOR SO MANY QUESTIONS, BUT AROUND WHERE I LIVE, NO ONE HAS DONE ANYTHING LIKE THAT TO THIS CAR, SO I AM JUST WANTING TOKNOW IF I CAN DO SOME OF THESE THINGS TOO IF IT DOESNT COST TOO MUCH. DID IT COST ALOT?