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  1. Pinstripes are not factory "original" equipment but are installed either by the dealer or another aftermarket source as are the gold emblems. Therefore, the pinstripes can be placed anywhere the installer or owner desires. The nice paint that you noticed on the other car could be simply a well maintained garage kept car that has been washed and waxed regularly. The advice to remove the pinstripes with heat (hair dryer) is the proper way to remove them.
  2. 1990LS400, it sounds as if you are a lucky guy to have a good independent Lexus mechanic in your area. The independent that I consulted gave me a price of a bit over $1K. However,I am reluctant to let him do it because he admitted that he hand not done it on an LS400 previously. The Lexus dealer is at $1750 for the job which isn't surprising to me. I am going to let the Toyota guy have the job due to positive experience with him in the past plus he has experience in doing this work. What harm would it do to change the crank and cam seals? If anything, wouldn't it be a little extra insurance co
  3. The Toyota dealer that I spoke to said that they always changed the cam and crank seals while doing a TB change. I was quoted $1,250 for the TB, tensioner, both idler pulleys, water pump, cam and cranks seals. I was told it was a 12 hour job. This sounds like a fair price considering what I have read on this and other threads.
  4. My '98 came with Dunlop all season tires. I currently am running Pirelli P400s which are reasonably quiet and wearing well. However, I prefer the Michelin MXV4s that were previously on the car overall.
  5. If you want to avoid the ghetto or Conestoga wagon look, don't go any bigger than 18". IMHO, the painted silver or gray center with polished lip is better for your Lexus than the black center. However, I'm an older guy who might not be in touch with the latest trend in "dubs".
  6. Good advice, SRK. I won't be coming back looking for sympathy because I have asked for a quote fromToyota dealer to have the job done next week. I requested all the material that landar suggested not just a look and see. Taking any risk of leaving my wife stranded on the side of the road isn't a viable option regardless of the cost. I really have no reason to complain about maintenance because I have spent little in upkeep over the years. This car has been almost bullet proof. That's one of the reasons we love it so.
  7. Thanks landar. I will ask for a bill of material to be included with the estimates then compare to your list. I am learning that maintaining an older car and paying for the labor is looking like an expensive proposition. If I had your mechanical skill, it would make it far more palatable.
  8. My concern is that the '98 has an interference engine which I understand would do severe damage should the TB let go. My wife has driven the car since new and has never driven it hard or abused it in any way. Does anyone know of a case where the TB failed on an LS400? From what I have gathered there have been few if any documented cases. Regardless, I am going to plan on having the work done in the near future. I can find a local shop that says that they can do the work but, they are not an independent Lexus shop which concerns me a bit so I will check with Toyota also. Should I ask for a
  9. My wife's '98 LS400 is just shy of 78K miles and has the original timing belt. I understand that this is a routine replacement at 90K but the car is nearing 12 years of age. I fear that I am flirting with disaster if I allow her to continue driving her daily 20 mile round trip to work. The car is in great condition and runs beautifully but, I am reluctant to spend nearly $2K if I can wait since I just spent $1K on a starter replacement. Any advice or opinions will be appreciated.
  10. English may not be his native tongue or he may be a victim of the texting craze. More than likely he is simply a product of "modern" education techniques. Regardless of the above, The easiest solution is for LS400ridin to take his car to a good upholstery shop and have his seats rebuilt to factory specs. He isn't too far from Unique Auto and I am sure that Buju and Willie could whip something "cool" up for him.
  11. This is definitely above my skill level. I was just quoted $700 by a local Toyota dealer to remove the starter and replace the contacts only (6 hrs. labor) on my '98. If the starter needs to be replaced that will be added to the cost. Should a new starter be required, I think that I may ask for a remanufactured one. Due to the complexity of the job and down time if I should attempt it, I'll probably give them the job. I dread it though because I know that most service writers will come up with a dozen more items that need attention. However, I know how to say thanks but no thanks.
  12. Nice mods! My suggestion would be to forget the white/black steering wheel cover because the white will forever need cleaning and probably show wear. I prefer silver rather than gold on the rims with a white car. It would really look good if they could do the silver or gold on the outer lip of the rim. Good look with your project.
  13. The screws may be stripped but you might need to be concerned about the female threads also.
  14. I suspect that most of the "bling" interior items for the LS would have to be a custom proposition as the demand for such is rather limited. Have you ever heard of Will Castro? :D
  15. I don't think that you will go wrong with either the LS400 or LS430 as they are both known for reliability and comfort. Both have stellar reputations with no major issues if maintained properly. You might look for a certified pre-owned car for peace of mind and warranty issues. It is a buyer's market due to the economic situation and dealers are willing to make good deals. Take the advice of HRP and don't be in a hurry and remember that the dealers need you to stay in business. You can pick and choose who you care to deal with while they don't have that luxury.
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