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  1. I would be very cautious doing that. You can easily ruin your windshield and force yourself to buy a completely new one.
  2. It's time for a chill pill! Thread summary Loud popping during braking can come from many sources: -loose pads -loose caliper mounting bolt -ball joints -lower control arms In my case it was the lower control arm. My car had only 112k miles, so it is possible for a LCA to go bad at around this mileage.
  3. Yes, I switched to synthetic at about 90k because it allows me to change my oil at longer intervals (I do 10k). This is the first car I've had that doesn't burn oil over that time period!!!
  4. lsrxlex, thanks for following up!
  5. This is not normal. I believe your car has the same brakes as my '97, which stops well and doesn't require putting the pedal to the floor. I've never tried to slam on the brakes at 50 mph, but I can definitely lock the brakes on a sandy surface at low speeds.
  6. I use Lexol every few months on my Lexus. I haven't noticed any problems. Why on earth would you use Vinylex on leather? I use it on my dash and the VINYL parts in the interior. Unlike Armor All, it does not seem to have a lot of gassing that creates a film on the windows after a short period of time. (This is good!) Maybe I will try Leatherique sometime.
  7. Not that anyone cares, but replacing the right front LCA has fixed the problem.
  8. Not saying this source is 100% credible, but this article quotes a guy who says his 2000 LS400 did the same thing. http://industry.bnet.com/auto/10003499/sud...ot-just-toyota/ I think we will see the probe extend to many other Lexus models.
  9. The problem seems to get worse when the weather is warmer. Although, after I tightened the LCA bolt, it's bad all the time!
  10. Even so, how the heck can people have time to call 911? It shouldn't take you more than 10 seconds to figure out to put it in neutral. Unfortunately, that's not enough time to stop the car from running over a couple kids on the sidewalk or hop the curb, but it should definitely be enough time to stop it from reaching 120 mph!
  11. I absolutely agree. How in the hell can people have time to call 911 when this is happening!
  12. I wouldn't worry too much. As long as most of it is still intact, you should be fine. Those headlight bulbs took me about 30 minutes to figure out. Not very helpful when the owners manual just tells you to see your dealer...
  13. Another improvement of drive by wire has more to do with ease of packaging. You can put the throttle body in more places and without having to worry about connectivity with a cable! EVERYONE REMEMBER THIS THREAD? (complete with carnage photos) http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index...=56647&st=0 Got closed because some moderator thought it was completely made up. Who knows, maybe it is. But my guess is not. It's funny how one day everyone can call you a lunatic one day, but the next day, most people agree with your suspicions.
  14. Well, since nobody seems to know what the symptoms are, I went ahead and ordered the part.
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