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  1. This link is for a Camry V6, but it is basically the same for a '94 ES: N.E.O.
  2. Maybe it is your fuel pump ecu having problem. Locate the check connector in your engine compartment, with a test light check for power at the Fp terminal when cranking. Next jump the terminals Fp and B+, and see if the engine will start. If it is the fuel pump ecu, it is behind the left rear quarter trim panel. Good Luck, N.C.O.
  3. Check your EGR valve, by applying vacuum directly to the valve, if the engine doesn't run rough or stall, the passage in your intake is probably restricted. N.C.O.
  4. Sounds like you have already found your problem; your passenger side is causing your alarm to go off. Your remotes are working fine, it is your vehicle that is having problem. Fix whatever is causing the alarm to go off on the passenger side, you would probably fix the remote problem too. N.C.O.
  5. It is more like $1000 +, if you are thinking about replacing all the injectors. It is best to find out what is causing your gas smell first, then determine if that is related to you sluggish problem. As far as fuel filter replacement cause, I would guess around $150, but can't say for sure. N.C.O.
  6. Lexus has a special policy for replacing the camera at no charge to the owner, check with your dealer. They are some problem with the camera on some of the earlier ones. N.C.O.
  7. Sounds like you have got the problem figure out, it does sound like the servo actuator is not functioning. N.C.O.
  8. There is a separate fuse for each side of the head light, I believe it is in the engine compartment fuse box on the driver's side of the engine compartment. Your owner manual will give you more information on that. N.C.O.
  9. All fluid will eventually need to be changed, however, how the vehicle is being operated makes a lot of differences in which fluid needs to be changed and when. The best way to do it is go to Lexus website or read through your owner's manual to determine what category of driving you fit into, and then from there find out where you are at with your maintenance services. Post questions and the describe the condition of your fluid will help you get feedback on what needs to be done. Give a little more information on how you use your vehicle and the general condition of the vehicle will probably a
  10. 3) Vehicle Type; J = Multipurpose Passenger Vehicle 4) Body Type/Drive Type; H = 4Dr Wagon 4WD, 5Dr Wagon 4WD 5) Engine Family; Y = 3UR-FE 6) Series; 0 = URJ201 7) Restraint System/Grade; 0 = Manual Belts w/ 2 Airbags, Side Airbags, and Curtain Shield Airbags (Front & Rear Seats) 8) Car Line; W = LX570 N.C.O.
  11. Are your brake lights working? A bad brake light switch will not release shifter interlock, and may also cause the ABS warning to come on if it is not receiving the proper signal. Have you check the fuse box in the engine compartment also. N.C.O.
  12. If it is the alignment causing your problem, it would have pull to the left without applying your brakes. If it only happens when it is braking, your right front brake caliper may be sticking on its sliding pins. You may want to have your dealer take a look again, or take it to a different dealer, it should still be under warranty if that is the problem. N.C.O.
  13. The light grounds through the luggage compartment latch/opener assembly, there is a switch in there. Check to make sure it is connected and operating properly. N.C.O.
  14. To compensate for the cold temperature, first set the tire pressure to the recommended pressure on all five tires, then initialize the system, after that add a few more psi to the tires. It is actually recommend that the TPMS be initialized every time tire pressure is changed. N.C.O.
  15. Did you get the correct bulbs though? Even if it is working the wrong bulbs will have different resistance cause the sensor to think that a bulb is out. N.C.O.
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