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  1. I finally installed the Gen 4 Navigation retrofit in my RX today. Now I could play videos from my Iphone to the nav screen. Here is the complete DIY link: http://www.clublexus.com/forums/rx-first-generation/608647-2000-rx-gps-navigation-upgrade-project.html
  2. I wish all of you guys have a wonderful time with your families. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's.
  3. Thanks Jim. I appreciate your help. Wish you and all the members of our club Happy New Year 2012.
  4. Here is the following updates: Red line( pic from last post) small blue 10 pin connector for video source from the gps ECU. The 14 pin white connectors for following: 1.Speed sensor-violet/white, 2. diagnostics- pink/black 3.power antenna-black/white. But other colors: Yellow, Blue/white, Red/white in 14 pin white plugs couldnot figure out. The 8 pin blue connectors at the left (pics) colors are:solid green,black/white, Red, Grey and Red/blue couldnot figure out. I hope all the GPS Guru's in the forum will come forward.
  5. This is NAV screen from 2001 RX 300. The red arrow(box) is the power source connector? Wires color are: 1.Green, 2.black and white, 3.red, 4. red with blue strip and 5. grey. Is it possible to power up the screen with out connected to the gps dvd computer? There is two more connections (red line) blue, and the right is white. I believe the the small blue connections for gps dvd ecu. So what is the other right white connection for? If any members has the technical lay out please e-mail me or fax me. E-mail: gazi0001@gmail.com
  6. I am still gathering the resources. My Rx does not pre-wired for navigation. But I think your model does. Here is the link for you: http://www.clublexus.com/forums/rx-first-generation/317270-oem-nav-installation-w-pics.html
  7. This is my new project to upgrade 2000 RX 300 (no navigation only pioneer premium sound system) with 2001 RX OEM used GPS navigation. I read few upgrades of RX's with new navigation retrofit from GUS,Ohio. I think he is no longer doing this or no current contact info's.. But it was very expensive for me. Today I got used OEM 2001 RX navigation. First of all I need electrical manuals for Navigation system. If any member has it please feel free to share with me. I wants to add Iphone, Ipod, backup camera ( boughtboyo VTL 402c) with the screen, service records etc. Don't worry about the GPS system too much. 01'RX may be GEN 2 gps. Here is some pics of used OEM RX 2001 navigation. I will post step by step details with pictures of my project when it done.
  8. How much you paid for throtle body and from where did you buy?
  9. Thanks. The illuminated sill plates are the same for all 04-09 Rx330/350/400h's. I bought front sills from e-bay and rear sills from parts.com, here is the link: http://www.parts.com...playCatalogid=0
  10. I installed the HALO PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS HEADLAMPS CHROME. I tapped the parking light power source for Halo lamp wires. I used HID for low beam light. I replaced the oem front and rear side markers with clear lens with blue leds. Our RX's has two(2) rear red reflectors R/L without bulb. For the RX 330 and up Lexus uses bulb. So I replaced those with RED LED PARKING/ BRAKE LIGHT. I used the taillights for power source those lights . I have to open the rear bumper cover and trunk trims on both sides. I used the same way out the rear side marker cable goes. Here is some pics.
  11. Chris, you could look up this link: http://cgi.ebay.com/...=#ht_5714wt_939
  12. I replaced my OEM stock brake light with Led crystal clear chrome brake light. Here is some pics:
  13. Thanks Jim. I will try to do it .
  14. I hope it will work for you. Check your mirror cover before you do this. May be you have extra outer cover and it is easier. For your car you could buy led mirror cover from this side: http://www.nigel-jdmparts.com/LED-Turn-Signal-Mirror/2004-2009-RX330350400h
  15. Pics of my rx 300 Here is some pics of Led turn signal mirror cover of my RX 300 with my daughter.
  16. Final stage.Now bolt the mirror same position with three (10mm) bolts. Connect the blue plug with the harnesse and solder the led wires with flasher and ground wires. Attached the blue plastic and door cover. You done. (see pics)
  17. Run wire through door cable insulator to door. Behind the glove box locate the flasher connected red wire (which already run) and run through the door cable insulator at the right with black ground wire to the door. I use a body trim bolts as a ground and works. (see pics) Remove the speaker before you run the wire to the door. It will make easy and I used a hanger for run the wire. Here you will see the ground wire and speaker.
  18. Drill old mirror cover.Our RX 300 has no extra mirror cover. So drill your old cover almost same size of led wire at the left side.(see pics) Solder the wire connections and taped. Remove the led mirror cover 3m tape and sit on the top of old cover nice and smoothly. Install the mirror glass back by soft press with towel on the white plastic frame.(see pics)
  19. LED mirror cover. You need this red and black wire run by mirror power cable to the door (pic 1). Run this wire by the hanger (pic 3 & 4). Finaly you see this (pic 5)