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  1. Hi Giys - I have a 2002 RX300, any one knows the part numbers for the gaskets when cleaning the IACV. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have a 2002 RX300 (66k miles) and got a code P1155. Just to verify - to correct the problem is to replace the sensor (part# 89467-48011) between the radiator & engine. Is this correct? any comments is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I have the same problem, 2002 rx300; were you able to fix the problem? Please share. Thanks. :)
  4. I think I have the same problem with yours, you can hear a humming sound wen acceralating. I was going to try and clean for some carbon deposit as suggested (will wait till I do the chg oil). Keep us posted.
  5. I have an 2002 rx300 (50k miles), recently I noticed a loud humming sound when accelerating. No noise during idle. Anyone experiencing the same problem or have any advise as to how to correct the problem? Thanks.
  6. I have a 2003 RX300, problem when starting specially when hot weather. I have seen some post regarding my problem and the majority is cleaning the Idle Control Value and/or throttle body. My question is how to you do the above cleaning, is this where you add chemical with your gas. Please HELP. Thanks.