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  1. It worked well, Sorry I didn't post any pics yet, But will once I get some. I keep forgetting to do it when I am out and about with my camera... I will get to it eventually.. Thanks for all the help I hope this topic helps others trying to align their headlights... :)
  2. I have been looking High and low all year for the Top engine Black plastic cover that goes around and over the Fill Cap and what looks to be hydraulics on the left side of the engine. I Can't find a part number or anything on any of the Lexus parts lists anywhere. I found one on Ebay once for 45 bucks plus astronomical shipping, But didn't find it that relevant to kick in that much for a used one. I will come across one eventually for reasonable, but would like a part number to use when I search, Does anyone know that part or the number? Thanks!....
  3. Thanks for the info. With your help I figured out how to do the alignment. When I am finished I will post a pic of the new brackets I had to make for the top.. Thanks again. Indi
  4. Got my internet back :) I partially pulled the bumper off as to not to have to entirely remove it. I am not positive if it is a fine threaded screw or a lag screw that goes in there. Is it a fine threaded type bolt, Or a (wood screw) type thread on that bolt? Thanks!.. Nick
  5. I'm about to put a door lock actuator in my front driver door. I was reading your post. I hope I can follow it. I'll let you know. Any help would be appreciated.


  6. I have no one to take it back to it was an as is deal, but it measures up good. No bends in the main frame, but the front nose top coolant frame is out of position just a little they fit the Hood and Fenders back in to be correct, but the headlight bracket bolt holes pull the lights out of position just a little and a little is a lot when it comes to aiming. One bracket was broken, but there is good news. Thank God Lexus had the foresight to put several self tapper holes in exactly next to where the bracket is so it can be re-bracketed to fit easily. So I will cut all the brackets off the head
  7. This is too Awesome!... Yeah the slant is more like the extreme one, Not as bad, but yeah like that. I will measure and see how things sit. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if the frame was off. Some things were like someone fixed it in their backyard blindfolded. Good thing I only paid 20k for it with 37k miles It Has GPS and everything So if I have to put a little into it such is life. It looks great now, Just a few things I have to do like this... :) Indi
  8. This is awesome! Thank you for doing so much work. I still am wondering about the slanting of both lights. If you were to take those lines that have to be even with each other and pointed them downward to the right they are at an angle like if the right tires were both flat. When I align both of them they make one long crooked line like both right tires are flat or I was on an incline to the right I was wondering how to correct that if possible, or if that is normal? Thank you so much.. Indi
  9. Hello All I am looking for the headlight alignment dimensions for the 2008 RX 350 HID head lamps to align them, IE distance between the two bulbs I can get the height easily, but not the width. My Pre-owned Rx350 had a front end collision and Whomever did the work didn't know what they were doing, I am now doing the final things to fix their shoddy work. My headlights look like they are at an angle high on the left lower on the right, Maybe this is correct maybe not?. On level ground the headlamp horizontal line image on my garage door looks crooked like the car is leaning when it's
  10. Got it! It's a screw behind The door sill trim that says Lexus at the bottom of the door. You gently pull it out at the top of that trim piece where it meets near the dash you can hang it around the parking brake when pulled out. There will be 1 screw there. Take it out and gently pull the dash out starting near that screw the rest are yellow clips. There are wires attached so just pull it out far enough to get at the OBD plug. Pop the plug out of the hole and bend the left metal tab up a little with a pliers just a little to make it a little tighter. The OBD outlet should now snap back in nic
  11. If it's not too hard to get at, I would rather fix it myself than drive 160 miles to have them tell me to come back when they get the part then another 160 miles plus all the time it takes going to and fro it makes more sense, if it takes less time, just to fix it myself. Thanks! Indi
  12. Hello all The plastic OBDII plug retainer clip on one side of the plug is either broken or just won't snap into place, so it's loose and the plug wants to push out of the slot when I try to plug the gauge into it. It's near impossible to plug into. I would like to hot glue it in place, but cannot figure out how to get at the side of the plug. I need to know what to remove. Should it be the knee bag panel or something else?. If I could just get to it, it would be a simple fix.. Thanks for any input in advance... Indi
  13. So it goes in behind the exterior plastic bumper and in front of the steel bumper? Thanks!... Indi
  14. That diagram is nice, are there any other pages to that that can help me make heads or tales of what's what? Thanks!.. Indi
  15. I don't have any recourse so I will have to buy one and fix it myself. I just was wondering if it was structural to holding up the bumper. I pray the bumper is properly aligned or I may need to do more work. Thanks! so very much for your help and the diagram I very much appreciate it!... Indi
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