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  1. I walked into my local Radio Shack got battery and replaced right there at the counter. 2 Months ago and no problem.
  2. I had a similar experience w/installation of XM. They quoted me $999!! But what made this even worse is they flat out lied to me. Told me they had to run a new wiring harness from the trunk up to the head unit. When I showed them the XM installation directions, the cost quickly came down to $469. I get the whole experience, Starbucks vs Dunkin Donuts or Norstrom vs Sears, but this is unethical. I do not trust one item they quote me on...I don't care if they just put air in my tires. My .02c
  3. Yeah it's a nice car. I got my '06 350 in April and haven't looked back yet...OK maybe when driving.
  4. Car and mods below...purchased in April w/8,500 have 15,800. It shares time w/my CaymanS I think all other cash for mods will go to the Porsche...
  5. Great suggestion...will do first thing tomorrow!!
  6. The engine never knocked....I just got a strong fuel smell upon starting up, then for about 30min car had erratic idle revving...lights came on, then problem went away. Who knows, but I'll keep an eye (and nose) on it.
  7. Got my brakes replaced under the TSB (06 '350, 15k)...guy told me "he doesn't think it'll help". I told him I have a owner's club worth of people who would disagree. I checked part number (04465-30400) and got the right ones. Also did the 15k service.
  8. Bottom line...No They did a bunch of diagnostic checks and ended up just resetting the lights. However "too rich mixture or flooding" is a symptom of the lights. Not sure why I had that problem, but it hasn't returned. Also I was going to get XM put in and turns out that Lexus has stopped offering XM for the '06 (w/o shark fin) I'll need to pick a unit up from Sewell and install myself.
  9. Where'd you take it? Wilkie? I had it done @ Chester Springs 3 weeks ago--no hassle, no question. It's better, but not cured. Took it to Thompson in Doylestown.
  10. I took my '06 350 in for some general service and to change the front pads. The guy tried to talk me out of it...that it doesn't make a difference w/the dust. I told him I heard differently and was he sure he used the new part number pads. Well he couldn't argue much w/an educated customer, particularly when I showed him the TSB. Pick it up today.
  11. All I drove my 06 350 with 11,800 miles on Saturday about 70 miles and stopped off for a few hours. No problem on the drive. When I went to start the car back up I noticed the rpms going up and down, up and down...between 700 & 1000. I then got a strong wiff of fuel and turned off the car. I check under the hood and car and found nothing unhooked or leaking. I restarted and the smell dissappated, but not the engine rev issue. So I started driving and the car was bucking and not responsive at times. A few miles into my trip the "Check VSC" warning and check enging light came on. I got the car to a safe spot and parked for night. Next day I drove home (had to)...the rpm issue was gone, but not the idiot lights. Anyone have any experience like this? I have an appt for service on Thur and in the meantime won't drive the car.
  12. This is why I got the bumper applique from Sewell. My TL had a similar bumper and I learned from experience. Yeah I need that. I wonder if it's cheaper to install that applique or to cover up the scratch. If I was in your shoes, I'd fix the bumper properly then put the applique on. If you don't fix it right it'll always stick out like a sore thumb to you.
  13. I buy all my car cleaning products at Griots Garage...they have many interior cleaners. I use their Vinyl cleaner on the doors & dash and their leather stuff on seats, steering & gear shift. Seems work work well for me.
  14. This is why I got the bumper applique from Sewell. My TL had a similar bumper and I learned from experience.
  15. What color is the car? I did black wheels w/the Tunsten Pearl
  16. Thanks Man....I've been looking for this!!
  17. Nope...stock 350 calipers. I did the painting. Brush painted, adhered stickers then clear coated Looks good and good color choice for calipers in my opinion. It will hide alot of brake dust and what not. Where'd you get the decals for the calipers? Thanks, I didn't want much flash...thought black/black was way to go. Decals...did a search on them there. Not sure of who...sorry
  18. I have this w/the backup camera. It's on all the time and I don't have any issues. The front ones beep occasionally when someone/something is close, but no where near a problem. For reverse the camera comes on and I use that, the mirrors and the assist while backing up. Works fine, although it took some getting used to. The assist beeps & shows yellow, then beeps faster (usually best time to stop), then goes red.
  19. Nope...stock 350 calipers. I did the painting. Brush painted, adhered stickers then clear coated
  20. ...whatever you do, please don't ask if you should do "in car nav vs. dash unit"'ll get many pages of personal opinion and fanatical advice :D . Ah...too late :( But serious there is a recent thread on this topic if you search.
  21. After many years of car ownership...all makes, all kinds, I have come to conclusion of what works best for me. I found out I like the pure drivability and fun of the German cars, but the reliability & refinement of Japanese. So I split time between my CaymanS and IS350. Now I realize it took time to both understand this balance and be in the appropriate financial position...but that's where I am.
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