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  1. Upgraded my stock wheels to an exact set of chrome wheels and the originals need to go. Asking $300 OBO. Buyer pays shipping (should not be more than $100 unless to HI or AK). Wheels are an 8 out of 10. contact me at or 228.860.5824. ****NOTE -TIRES DO NOT COME WITH WHEELS. DEAL IS FOR WHEELS ONLY ****
  2. hi Jose. I have a nice set of 2007 is 350 wheels 18 x 8 up front and 18 x 8.5 in the rear for sale. I am asking $300 and you pay shipping. Lee 228 860 5824
  3. I lock my car with it running all the time. Perhaps you should talk to your dealer and see if it is one of the many personalized setting available to fit your specific owner needs.
  4. When I open my is 350s trunk I notice a small square cover on either side. I have not found in my owners manual what it is used fro. I did a search here, but to no avail. If anyone knows what it is please let me know. Lee ps I am not talking about the tow hook cover on the bumper...
  5. I have the ML option on my car, so I am speaking from that perspective...I am torn between listening with the surround sound on and the surround sound off. Sometimes it sounds so rich and full when on, but other times I like the purity of the traditional ML sound wothout the surrouns sound feature active. I am curious as to how others listen to their music? Surround on or off?
  6. I too like Howard, but I have the xm radio/sat in my car. But just recently you can get the top 11 sirrius stations on your xm for a small fee. So now I have howard and NFL on my xm. Very cool.
  7. Love the OEM look of the chrome 10 spoke wheels. I am selling my stock Lexus 10 spoke 18' wheels for $400 call 228 60-5824 for info
  8. Had the car for a month and I love it!! My first Lexus and I love the power, the stereo, the tightness and feel of the car and I am saving for an IS-F right now!
  9. Just a few pics of my 07 IS 350
  10. The particualr model you want is a very popular combination and you should be able to find without special ordering. As for pricing there is a thread here with all the pricing and options pricing. Right now, is a good time to buy an '08 so dealing with the internet mgr or a salesperson probably doesn't matter. As for the BMW...if you want speed the 350 will DUST the 328! If you want more luxury, refinement, and creature comforts, than get the 350. If you prefer more driver feel and interaction than BMW. Drive both and I am sure you will get the IS350
  11. Lexus of Mobile, AL rocks! Called about my brake dust and refenced the TSA info from here, and they put on new pads right away. I also mentioned that the excessive brake dust had left my front drivers wheel very rough compared to the other 3 wheels, and they replaced it! Also threw in a free chrome license plate holder even though I did not purchase the car from them. Too bad I only have 2500 miles left on my warranty :( Lee 2007 IS 350-Smokey granite Mica Luruxy package w/ nav and Levinson 18" Chromed OEM wheels XM radio
  12. 2007 IS 350 -- Smokey Granite Mica that hides dirt much better than I thought. I am the secind owner and the car has 44,000 miles on it. But on the flip side I did get a good deal. Car has Nav w/ML stereo, vented seats, back up camera, sunroof, 18" wheels with offset. Paid $30,500 and have added the following so far: XM radio All weather mats Tinted windows New rubber all the way around (Michelin Pilots) Zero problems noted, luckily previous owner had car serviced at dealership regularly, even had the 45,000 mile service done befroe I bought it from her.
  13. I too had the "smell", so I took the advice of turning my air flow selector to outside air each time I left the car and it has eliminated the "smell" when I first enter the car. Great Tip!
  14. Recently purchased a 2007 IS 350 with Premium package and Navigation w/Mark Levinson. Absolutely love the car, but I can never leave well enough alone. I have tinted the windows, bought new rubber, installed a Sirius Sat radio, added Lexus tire valve stem caps, Lexus all season mats, and now I want to upgrade the wheels. I am leaning on keeping them OEM, as I have had some bad luck with the quality of some aftermarket wheels. I love the G spider wheels and I can get them shipped to my house from Sewell Lexus Parts for $940, or I can go with a Chromed version of the wheels I have for $580,
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