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  1. Awesome looking car! I wish I could slow down your pics so I can see them better.

  2. What part of the system has corroded, if its just the tips you can get those from dealer. Or quite a few upgrade to a SS system. I threw mine out even though it was all good. Try a wanted ad on here.
  3. This video shows you how its done
  4. Put the whole headlight in the oven for about 20 mins the glue will heat up allowing you to pry the lense off. Pop it back in the oven to reseal.
  5. Yep those are awesome I fitted one to my lawnmower and it did 0-60 in under 2 seconds
  6. Yes its a straight swap. You do need the later top reflector as well and you will get a light out warning on dash unless you use the ECU. Very easy job did mine in less then an hour. Sewells sell the whole lot as a kit with ECU.
  8. Carson used to sell them but discontinued now, too expensive.
  9. Thanks the brakes are Rotora 6 pot front 4 pot rear
  10. All it really does is hold the gears longer before changing, although I suspect theres more black magic going on. All the aftermarket exhausts dont really add much V8 rumble really due to the fast they keep the rear silencer. All you really need to do is take out the rear box. I had custom stainless exhaust made up locally and the rear box taken out. I should think any exhaust shop can do a similiar job.
  11. I would email them to see if they are still avaliable. I just had mine installed at my local car audio dealer. Comes with instructions etc and takes a couple of hours. You can always ask at your Lexus dealer if they will.
  12. I have the Lux Link as well with the remote top. Works off the OEM key. Very nice feature
  13. The Tein CS or CST would be your best bet. Has adjustable damping as well.
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