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  1. Dubya, Sorry for your problems. Spend the money for at least one more shop to diagnose the problem, would be my suggestion. Good luck. Tom
  2. Foot off the accelerator when starting, right? I'd take it to your trusted mechanic. Good luck!
  3. The radiator fluid is good for 5 years and it's 7-8 years since the car was manufactured. Also, the timing belt is due for replacement due to it's age. Consider having the drive belts, timing belt, water pump changed and getting a cooling system flush. Good time to have the brakes flushed too. Tom
  4. Whatever you do, don't put stop leak in the radiator fluid - that's a product only for a car about to be sold. Try another Toyota dealer and/or a trusted independent shop for more opinions. Good Luck! Tom
  5. Pull off the front valve cover - if there is a lot a sludge, that could be the problem. No miracle cures for it. Tom
  6. A good run, but time to say adios. The expense is one thing, the constant fixing of an old car is another - quality of life issue, unless you enjoy meeting with your mechanic on a regular basis. ^_^ Tom
  7. I have had an Avalon flushed twice and the RX flushed once - zero problems, and I would recommend it, if the tranny oil is red and doesnt' smell burnt. I'm wondering if the flush problems in some cases are caused by errors by the operator of the flush machine. Tom
  8. Sounds like the idle is just too low; don't have a clue how to fix that. Tom
  9. Read this site - Use of auto parts store sludge removers is not a good idea! Good luck. Tom
  10. Aaron, What Pat Goss says - you need to run the test procedure that has the same name as the code. Otherwise, you are only guessing. Some of the tests require special equipment, etc., but if you compared the test procedures for all the codes, maybe finding a common denominator would be helpful. Good luck. Tom
  11. Our 2006 has 87,000 miles on it and has done that intermittantly since we got it at 30,000 miles. The tranny has been flushed once (Lexus dealer). I guess my take is that a flush/fluid change is a good idea but probably won't change the tranny's behavior. Tom
  12. There should be no smoke at startup. When the catalytic converter heats up, it takes care of whatever is coming out. I would have your trusted mechanic check this car out, ASAP. Tom
  13. You got 11 years and 115,000 miles service out of the transmission. And you want help from Lexus? Good luck with that. Tom
  14. for a possible solution.
  15. I've never had a problem with Toyota/Lexus OEM parts - they fit and work. One caveat - all sellers of OEM parts have asked for the VIN # of my vehicle. If the ebay seller does not, I'd be a little skeptical. Tom
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