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  1. My ECU needs to be replaced because the AC Compressor doesn't work, everything else works fine. Lexus said I need another ECU. I plan to buy a used one from eBay with the same part #. My question is how to reflash it to make it work with my current keys. Do I have to drive to a local locksmith then replace with the newly bought ECU. Then have the locksmith do the re-flashing?
  2. I have a 1999 rx300 and the AC sometimes doesn't work. It blows even hot air on a hot day. I had to use manual fan only, no recirculation, to get the outside fresh air. But when it works, it blows cold air, very cold if I wanted, I was very happy with it. I just got the dealer change the servo motors because they made grinding noise inside the radio area. And after getting the car back, I have this ac problem. I hate to spend another $1000 at the dealer. I just replaced cabin air filter, it was clogged and very dirty with many leaves. But after replacement, I still have the same p
  3. My 1999 rx300 just got 2 servo motors replaced by Lexus because of intermittent noise behind the radio. Since then the AC doesn't work right intermittently. One time I started the car with outdoor temperature 86, the AC gave hot air, really hot. I turned it off and restarted after 15 minutes but still hot air. Half hour later when outdoor temperature was 77, then it worked Ok for 20 minutes then gave very hot air again. If I used fan only, manually, no recirculation, then it worked fine giving me outside fresh air. Today I connected 12v directly to fans and they worked fine. What woul
  4. I agree. How can I do that? How long will it take? Thanks.
  5. At about 400k miles, I had timing belt changed. At that time the gauge was already dead but I went ahead to change thermostat, water pump, engine coolant temperature sensor and the sending unit. And all that didn't help at all. My heater works just fine. The engine runs good. Everything looks fine. Gas mileage good too. Engine temperature behave very good. I don't lose coolant at all. I got a feeling that maybe the instrument cluster corresponding capacitors gradually went bad because the needle going down very slowly over a period of 2 years or so. If so, then what capacitors are bad that
  6. My coolant temperature gauge doesn't work. The needle went down very slowly over the course of couple of years. Now it stays at the lowest level and won't move. What should I do? Replacing with a new gauge or replacing some capacitors or something else? (It's a 1990 L'S 400 with 432000 miles). Please help. Thanks
  7. My coolant temperature gauge doesn't work. The needle went down very slowly over the course of couple of years. Now it stays at the lowest level and won't move. What should I do? Replacing with a new gauge or replacing some capacitors or something else? (It's a 1990 L'S 400 with 40 miles). Please help. Thanks
  8. Hi all, I hope my experience would help someone with the same problem. I have been trying to fix the vibration on acceleration for sometime and then I gave up. I went to StevensCreek Lexus, San jose (CA) because I thought if I were to buy the 2 flexible couplings which are the rubber parts most likely to fail after 420.000 miles, then I have to have Lexus to balance the propeller shafts after replacement. Labor cost might be high. But finally the problem was only the center support bearing of the 2 propeller shafts ( part # 37230 30160 ). I was so happy that the vibration gone.
  9. Hi all, I'd like to know the different between timing chain vs timing belt on the LS. What year the LS started to have the timing chain? I'm interested in buying a used LS with timing chain. I travel a lot for my job and replacing timing belt every 90k miles sometimes it's hard for me. (My current car is 1990 LS400 with 405k miles) Thanks
  10. After 2 years I still have excellent coolant condition, no trace of oil. I think someone put dirty oil in the recovery tank when I brought the car in for oil change. When I got the car back, the guy told me I got a blown head gasket by showing me the blackened recovery tank , and said he can fix it! Now I will not go to Abbott Auto (Milpitas, CA) again.
  11. I bought a front left hub ($75) before your reply, sorry. And during the Memorial holiday, I started to work on the problem. Luckily I found out that I didn't break any bolt head. I actually did crack the 4-inch2 extender of the ratchet thinking that's the bolt. Then I had to stop short because I needed the car for work the next day, with the plan for the wreckers trip later and buying replacement bolt too. Now everything is OK. I will save the left hub for future ball bearing replacement if needed. Thanks so much for your advice.
  12. This is the second time I have to replace the lower ball joints.
  13. Thanks for your prompt reply. I'm trying to find the hub to replace (the fastest way like you suggested ) but I need some time off from work to go to some wreckers. I'll keep you posted. Thanks
  14. Hi all, I broke one of the 2 bolts when trying to separate LH lower ball joint from steering knuckle . What should I do now? Do I have to buy a used steering knuckle from junk yard? It's a 1990 LS400 with 403k miles. Please help. Thanks.
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