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  1. Thank you all! I am taking it to my local A/C people tomorrow. I'll report back with the diagnosis.
  2. My LS has 73,000 miles and the Mark Levinson/Nav/Climate screen. It has just started having this issue this year (since using the A/C). The blower fan is fine, but sometimes I get nothing but hot air. Sometimes I get in the car and it works fine, even with several trips a day. This morning I got in and it wasn't cooling the whole way to work, which is about 10-15 miles. I'm pretty sure the freon level is fine because when it does work, it's cold. Anyone know what this could be? I'm not sure if I should go to my local AC/cooling business, or to my Lexus dealer. Sometimes I've had good luck wi
  3. I just bought an 01 ES with 84,000 miles. This is my fifth Lexus, but first ES. I'm just looking around for information on common issues with the car and when certain maintenance needs to be performed.
  4. My friend has a 99 LS and usually when he turns the lights on, the right one doesn't come on. Sometimes it does. I keep telling his cheap !Removed! to take it somewhere because he's just going to wear out other parts. He'll turn the lights on and off, if that doesn't work, turn the car off and on. Sometimes I put my hand over the sensor on the passenger side by the windshield. Not sure if that helps or not. Anyone else have this issue?
  5. There are three major warning light issues: For the oil change/oil filter warning: Start with the ignition switch "ON" 1. Push the "ODO/TRIP" button to change the display to blank. 2. Turn the ignition switch off. 3. Turn the ignition switch to "ON" with the trip meter "RESET" button held down. 4. Keep pushing the "RESET" button for longer than 5 seconds after the ignition is turned on. 5. the master warning light comes on, a warning tone sounds and the message disappears. For the tire pressure light: 1. key on 2. engine on or off 3. close all doors 4. press and hold the tire reset
  6. I have warranty on my car, just got it a few weeks ago. The paper work says they did all of the maintenance, along with replacing wiper blades, front rotors and pads, and rear pads. However, I'm not sure if they actually did any other maintenance or just forgot to reset the maintenance reminder. I know I can take it to them, but I was going to reset it myself if possible. I'll take it to them for service in June.
  7. I think a lot of the high end car manufacturers are using this material now. I know someone with an '07 CLK 350 and their rear wheel liners are the same way. I'm sure it helps cut down on road noise a little as well.
  8. I'm not sure if a trim panel built for the sunshades come with the shades or not. The trim panels are $2133.36 each! The sunshade for the door glass is $338.94! The little shades for the vent windows are $157! I doubt you'd find any of this used.
  9. Hello. I used to have a 1995 SC400 that I really liked, I always wished it had the power of my Mom's 99 LS400. That being said, is a 2000 SC400 with 30,000 miles worth $30k? I know how hard they are to find in the 99/2000 range. I don't want a 98 because of the trunk mounted CD changer. I like the in dash setup much better. I'm sure most of you think it's worth it. I want to hear it!
  10. Has anyone had any electrical trouble with their car? I have had my alternator replaced twice in the past year. My lights will blink with the turn signal on or when the brake pedal is pressed enough to turn the brake lights on, everything will blink out, including the radio. I no longer think its the alternator. Please help!
  11. I have some OEM wheels that I took off my 95 SC. I don't think they are from 95 though. I believe they are 94's. They're in great shape and have plenty of tread left on the Dunlop tires. I'll take a picture if you're interested. They're 16". I'll sell you all 4 for $400.
  12. The easiest and good looking choice is to get the 97-2000 lenses. They list for $154.13 each. The whole assembly is $208.29 each.
  13. Have any of you totally changed your stereo systems? I haven't, but I'm wanting to. I get tired of the 12 disc changer in the trunk I want just a single disc player. As far as the speakers, what kind of modifications do they do to get A/M speakers to fit? I don't want to take it to just anybody to get one installed. My choices are Circuit City, Best Buy, or h.h.gregg. Any info is appreciated.
  14. If I wanted some aftermarket tail lights who is the best company? I want the clear/red ones, but I see a lot of those with moisture in them. There's nothing wrong with mine, but you know how it is, always wanting to do something. :-) I thought about getting the 97-2000 lenses. They list for $154 each.
  15. I am wanting to sell my black on black SC400. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this car. I just had Lexus tune it up on Nov. 29th. I got the car with 77,000 miles on it in August of 2002 and now it has 91,000. Its got new 17" chrome wheels and Michelin tires, a new alternator, new drive belt, brake pads, brake master cylinder. I even bought new headlights for it because the old ones were turning yellow. Its a beautiful car. With all the work I've had done and the conditon this car is in, I am asking $16,500. Here is the VIN number if you would like to run any checks on it: JT8UZ30C6S00
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