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  1. Anybody experience the noisy surface/overlay Texas is using on their roads? Took a trip from Texarkana to Dallas on I30 and my head is still roaring. Trip was taken in a ES350. Sam PS: They are using this type of surfacing on their State and secondary roads.
  2. I now have an 2010 ES350. sam
  3. Anybody had a stall or hesitation problem when taking off from a dead stop or rolling start? This happened the other day when I was entering a busy street and it almost got me rear-ended. After a few seconds it caught hold and took of like a striped !Removed! ape, scary, scary. The wife said this has happened to her before. Any TSBs on this problem or info? sdman
  4. Thanks, Looks like the Primacy MXV4 would be a good choice. sdman
  5. Getting ready to install new tires onmy 2010 ES350. Does anyone have any recommendation on tire replacement? I have Bridgestone Turanza EL400 on it now and haven't been satisfied with them. Noisy and rapid wear. Thanks, Sam
  6. What's the most anyone has paid at a Lexus dealer to change the oil? sam
  7. With an compression ratio of 10.8 to one,high octane gas should be used.(91 to 92) The saving grace is that when the knock detectors detect knocking it retards the timing when using low octane gas. When this happens it cuts down the efficiencies of the engine. I'm of the Muscle Car era when we were running 10.5 to 11 compression ratios. If we had used low octane gas (87) back then it would have ruined the engine. We didn't have computers and knock sensors to adjust the timing back then. In fact we would use avation gas if we could get it, with octanes of 95+. The way I see it these engi
  8. For ethanol-free gas go to, sam
  9. Is there an option for changing the background color? sam
  10. Is there anyway to change from the white background to another color? sam
  11. What do I need to do to install a factory unit in my 2010 ES350? sam
  12. What's the latest info on Flyaudio. Thinking about installing one in my 2010 ES350. Is there something I need to know or is this a good idea? Sam PS: Anyone installed a factory model out of an wrecked ES350 to one that didn't come with nav?
  13. Looks like there is an surplus of LS460 2007/2008 on the market for sale. I started looking for a 2007 and was surprised at the number of them for sale. Could this have anything to do with the valve springs and wind noise problems? Maybe this is a normal number of them that has hit the market for sale Sam
  14. Speed rating has a lot to do with tire wear. The higher the speed rating the faster the tire wears out because the tread is made with a softer rubber compound. I dropped down to a lower speed rating (H) and increased my mileage considerably. This may not be recommended but I won't be driving 140+ mph. Here's a table of speed ratings. L 75 mph 120 km/h Off-Road & Light Truck Tires M 81 mph 130 km/h N 87 mph 140km/h Temporary Spare Tires P 93 mph 150 km/h Q 99 mph 160 km/h Studless & Studdable Winter Tires R 106 mph 170 km/h H.D. Light Truck Tires S 112 mph 180 km/h
  15. Anybody out there have any experience with the VVT i oil control valve and and filter screen? I have a 98 GS300 with rough idle and the codes says the camshaft VVT-i is out of range. Any help would be appreciated. I tried to do a search but the Search engine wouldn't take words with less than four characters. The search was (VVT-i oil control valve) Can the Search function be modified to recognize less than four characters?
  16. What's the proper way to refill the cooling system on an 98 GS 300? I flushed mine and refilled and now I have overheating problem. Looks like I may have an air bubble/air in my system. How do you refill a system and purge the system of air pockets? thanks, sam
  17. Correction: That was Auto Check and not Carfax. I'm sort of leery about buying a car on Ebay. I was told that the Odometer could be rolled back on the newer Lexus after 2000. This may be true or not but can't verify it. Also thanks for the information. Sam
  18. I'm looking at an 2005 Lexus LS430 on Ebay Vin: JTHBN36FX55025861. It has 21,040. A Fleet car When I check with Carfax, there is a gap between 2006 to 2008 The 2006 miles is 7,237 and the 2008 is 21,040. That's only 13,803 miles in two years roughly. Being a fleet car you would think there would be more miles for this period. Here's the Big question: Is there a way to roll back the miles on this model of Lexus? thanks, Sam
  19. I am having trouble with my 98 GS300 shaking/vibration when I approach 60mph. The tires are balanced and the front-end has been aligned but it still does the same. Seems like I heard somewhere that Lexus did have some problems with these front ends. Has anyone had similar problems? thanks, Sam
  20. My wife was turning into our carport and it went full throttle. I know it has "Throttle by Wire" and the throttle is controlled by a servo motor system. Has anybody had a similar experience with this problem? Also another person across town had a similar experience with a Lexus SUV. As soon as I get the car out of the body shop I wil be taking it to the Lexus dealer. Wife is scared to drive it at this point. Thanks, sdman
  21. Does anyone have instructions on programming the spare key from the Master? My spare key went on the blink. Thanks, Sdman
  22. Anybody experienced spoiler noise on their GS300. THe spoiler on my 98 gets rather noisy around 70 & 80 mph. Produces a low frequency roar and dissappears when I drop below 70. Thanks
  23. Sounds like a good idea to adjust the throttle linkage, will make the adj. and let you know if successful. Thanks for your help. Saml
  24. Has anybody had trouble with a quick throttle? When barely pressed down the car will take off quickly and with a lurch. They put in a new chip but that didn't help at all. This is the wife's car and she gave me an ultmatum to get it fixed or :( there would be another car sitting in the drivway. :(
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