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  1. I love the dash in the Lacrosse.I think the blue lighting is so cool. I drove the 4cyl. yesterday and found it to be very responsive.
  2. I hear ya...I bought my 2011 a few months ago cause the tranny in my maxima was on its last leg, but I definitely would have waited with the new 2012 coming out big assumption, but assuming lexus does not have production problems, you should see the 2012's in 6-7 months, so not too bad Well if that's the case,i just might wait 6/7 Mos BTW: Will the 2011 get less expensive in 6/7 mos.?
  3. I can't find any as a standard or as an option.
  4. I really don't want to wait 9 to 10 mos. to buy my first Lexus.But if i buy a 2011 now i just might be very PO if the 2012 is much more to my liking.
  5. Does anyone know if the Lexus Body and interior will get any changes in 2012.
  6. Can someone please define what this option is.
  7. YES: Please post pictures of those pillows.
  8. The best site hands down for determining what you should pay is If you get the carsdirect price, you did well, anything less is great! Be sure you are comparing apples to watch the packages/options carefully Great Thanks
  9. It seems around here that the base price for a 2011 350 is 36,000.00. How much can one go below that price?
  10. I drove a 2011 350 and about one hour later drove a 2011 genesis.The Genesis was much more comfortable.
  11. That seems like a very good price. Are you sure it's with synthetic oil? I recently paid $58 for an oil change with dino oil and tire rotation at the dealership. He did say synthetic oil.
  12. The salesman told me it would cost 55.00 for an oil change.They would use synthetic oil. Does that seem average?
  13. I just read that if you have a breakdown to call a toll free number for help. The salesman told me to just press a button on the top panel and speak into a microphone and someone will ask me for my location. He said it was a Lexus take on on star. Is this BS?
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