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  1. I've heard great things about the Silvania Silverstars, they seem very safe (direct replacement bulb) are DOT legal and have much of the look of the HIDs.
  2. Its not bad at all actually, I was fairly impressed.
  3. Mine doesn't rattle, but its an 03. When it gets cold out, plastic tends to harden, my guess is that there are some plastic components in the rear doors of the 02 that harden and rattle when cold. Does it get any better as the car warms up? Definately keep on the dealer about this, they'll find the issue eventually.
  4. Mr, Congrats on the engagement! Do let me know about SRT, you can just post here or my email is swithrow02@hotmail.com Steve, I'd be happy to help out! You look like you have a good beginning here, just needs some fine tuning and some advertising, you'll be all set. I've moderated around before, so I know the ropes. Just let me know. Nabeel, Funny thing was, my post to EastCoastES was meant as much as sarcasm as it was anything else, and if I recall, I even asked in the post if he needed me to help him get the correct pics posted. I don't think that was it, I think it was an excuse. I always got the impression that there was more to the issue than anything I was being told. Also keep in mind there in that post, I broke no rules, thats straight out of the mouth of the man that wrote them. Get the regs over here, I'd love to have a place to talk about Lexus again!
  5. Wow! I'd love that. Let me know. I don't know what caused it really. I defended myself and my decision to buy the ES, and I supposed that put me on their radar. Then a little while later I got a PM from Daddy-O saying I had broken the rules by telling JohnsRX that it was dumb for him to be jumping curbs in his RX. This totally blew me away because John agreed with me, and the whole thread ended with he and I laughing about it! He actually said "You've been here less than a month and you've already used words like "stupid" and "dumb" in a thread?" I mean, come on how old are we 12? I went and got the rules, and sent him back a very nice PM stating the rules point by point and showing how I actually hadn't broken any of them (and I hadn't). The thread didnt require moderation due to my post, or anyone elses, I didnt insult anyone, etc. He never responded. You can't expect people to live up to your expectations if you never tell them what they're doing wrong. I dont know if you were around when he was but my father used to be one of the top moderators administrators on that site (his handle was Stephen and he moderated the LS forum), back when the old Admin was around. He left because of other responsibilities about two years ago. The rules they use now are the rules he wrote for the site. Exactly the same. He looked back over my posting and agreed with me that I had never done anything to violate even one rule. I never heard anything else from Daddy-O or any other moderator until I logged on one day, and saw that Daddy-O had banned me. I contacted everyone I could, but no one but 1SICKLEX would help me, and he couldn't do much. I even contacted Daddy-O, he just retorted at me and then ignored me. You can't deal with people when they have a superiority complex. Ethan got really nasty to me, he's going to wind up ruining that site. Its going to get more and more strict. If you wanna stick around over there (I dont blame you its a great site) then watch yourself, you disagree with someone from the administration that takes it way too seriously (Daddy-O mainly) then they'll find some reason to ban you, or they'll just ban you with no reason like they did me.
  6. I think its really a shame, they loose out on a lot of really productive members by banning people for no good reason at all. No one would even tell me what I did, I got AIM names for all the moderators and asked them directly. Ethan said everyone voted and I lost, well none of the moderators I contacted had any idea about anything like that. Very convoluted. Ethan finally just told me he didnt want "My kind" around, and that I wasn't good enough for CL, so I just told him to shove it and deleted the site from my favorites list. Oh well. Sure, I should be around in March. SRT actually isnt far from me at all. Around when in March?
  7. Not bad, I can't complain. Picked up my Lexus about a month ago, love it. How are things over at CL? Ethan and I parted on bad terms, I havent been back since even to look around.
  8. You should be able to activate it through any cellular service provider that still offers analog service. Watch out though, analog service is much more expensive than digital (what everyone uses now) and the phone built into the Lexus can't be converted.
  9. You've probably long bought tires by now huh? ;) If you're looking for a good smooth tire, then I say look for the Bridgestone Turanza LS-H or LS-V. First thing I did when I got my ES was swap the wheels and tires to 16 inch GS300 wheels on these tires and the difference is night and day. I've had experience with the SP Sport 5000s on another car and found them lacking, they wore really really fast and wound up scalloping after 15,000 miles or so.
  10. Hey guys! Remember me? I saw this forum after I left CL, didnt have many members. I just checked back and it looks like it has potential. How are you guys doin?