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  1. Hi guys Need to do a brake job on my RX 350, any recommedations which are OEM rotors and pads? I have found Winhere and MOuntain and Brembo for rotors. For pads I have Akebono, NPN, Sumi. Do I also need to replace the sensor on the pads? Thanks DR
  2. Hi Jim No I am not out of gas, the fuel light is actually the oil lamp that lights (red one ). I also did the engine immobilizer check and it is not that which is preventing the start. I did a oil level check and it was also fine in the dipstick. It has been time for an oil change and I do use full synthetic oil. Thanks D
  3. HI there, This am tried to start the car, the lights are working and nothing was "dead" from the power issue. However, when I put the key and try to turn the engine on, there is a noise and a red fuel light comes on, the noise is continuous and the car does not start. Please HELP. Thanks D
  4. What are my option to listen to my iphone 3GS in the rx 350 i hav ethe navigation. Thanks
  5. Where can I buy and install the trailer hitch, in Canada they like to rip us off completely, I had heard of a Lexus part store in california that ships it. Any ideas wher I can install it ? Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, I have a 2007 RX 350 that just bought recently, I want to make sure I get the recalls taken care of. The car was bought in the US and brought to Toronto, HOw can I get the latest recall details ? Thanks
  7. Hi everyone, Just started to use my AC and there is horrible smell coming from the AC. Does anyone else have this problem ? I read about some white dust issue ??? can someone clarify. Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, I have a 2007 rx 350 and this morning when started my car, there was a yellow light with exclamation mark on the dash and that did not go away. I have not noticed anything else. Anyone know what it means ? Thanks DR
  9. Hi fellow lexus owners, I am a proud owner of a lexus 350 2007 pearl white. I have a mercedes benz amg and i bought this for my wife. I am my wife both love it. We just hope it does not give us much trouble as the benz did. 1.I bought the vehicle yesterday and today while washing it noticed small rust spots on the rear power door underneath the rear windshield ( on the rim just below the glass and also a few spots further down). There are no other rust spots anywhere else. My question is will Lexus cover this under the warranty. The car has 36,000 miles on it currently. 2. Seems like t
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