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  1. This February I bought a second hand Lexus RX350 model 2006 in Spain (the engine is the Toyota V6 Avalon)with 85.000 kms (52.000 miles). From the first month of use I appreciate a persistent leak of engine oil (not very important in quantity) under the right front side of the car. These leakeage could be more easily appreciate when the car was place in my garage for a couple of days without moving it. The car in all other aspects is fantastic. For this reason, I went to my next Lexus dealer in Madrid, where they said me that a recall for an special oil pipeline has been promoted by Lexus int. because a problem with this tube made in part of metal and plastic. The mechanic informs to me that the tube is OK, but was changed anyway. Despite this first reparation, the oil leakeage persists. From them, I went in four occasions to Lexus for this reason, without resolving the problem. I include several pictures of the leak. I would like to know if any of you have the same problem and how was it resolved.