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  1. I would like to change the sparkplugs on my 07 LS460. I have done this work on many various cars but not a Lexus. Is there anything different that I should know about.
  2. The Michelin web site says that the Pilot Sport A/S Plus has a directional tread pattern. Is it possible that when you have the tires rotated every 5000 miles that the shop moves the tires to the opposite side of the vehicle thus reversing the rotation of the wheel? Just a thought. I hope you get it resolved. I will soon have to replace the tires on my 07 LS460 and was planning on using the Pilot Sports.
  3. Kirkland Battery Type

    CCA is "cold cranking amps"which simply put is the power of the battery. I don't know if that size will fit but if Costco say it will I would believe them. Their return policy is excelent if it doesn't fit or if you have trouble down the road. Don
  4. Remote Start For Ls460?!?

    You cannot start the LS460 by touching the door handle. You can unlock/lock the doors by touching the door handle but you cannot start the engine by doing so.
  5. Tire Chains

    Tire chains would be a bad idea on a ES350. The clearance from the tires to wheelwell would not be sufficient for chains. I would recommend winter driving tires. If you cannot get around with winter driving tires then it's best to stay home. We live in Canada and have the winter tires and get around very well with them but there are times when it is best to stay home. Tire chains worked quite well on older vehicles that had more ground clearance as well as clearance in the wheelwells.
  6. just set all to 35 leave the spare a little higher thats how the system works 3-5 lb will set the light After you have adjusted the pressure in all five tires you have to reset the system. Your manual will tell you how to do that.
  7. Low Tire Pressure Light

    The switch is for a second set of pressure sensors. You used your existing sensors so leave the switch where it was and reset the system with the button under the dash by the steering wheel. You are right, the switch under the glove box is for a second set of sensors.
  8. Rx 350 Noisy Engine

    I think that what you are hearing is piston slap. When you start the engine cold the pistons are loose and slap the cylinder walls. As the engine warms up the pistons expand and the noise goes away. My wife has a ES350 and it does the same thing. It is quite common in all brands. They are making the pistons shorter in the newer engines which contributes to this problem. We have not tried the synthetic oil but that may help.
  9. I received a voucher for $500 towards parts,service etc as well as a $2000 voucher towards the purchase or lease of a Lexus vehicle valid at any Canadian Lexus Dealer. I received this in September and I just took my LS460 into the dealer today to have the valve spring recall work done. Lexus Canada and Lexus U.S.A. operate independentely. The dealer gave me a brand new RX350 as a loner.
  10. I was having the same problem a while back. I sent an message to SW03ES about it and I haven't had a problem since.
  11. Anyone Had This Bluetooth Problem?

    I believe you can adjust your mike level. Check the manual as I am shure that I did that to mine in a LS460.
  12. Fuel Filter Change?

    The link you attached shows a picture of the filter and says "in-tank" so I would assume the filter is in the tank.
  13. Trunk Release/s Don't

    Try the shutoff switch in the glove box.
  14. Re-designed 2010 Es350- I Like It!

    The ML sound system is available in Canada but only on the Ultra Premium package with navigation. In other words the top model. The models and packages do differ between Canada and the States.