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  1. Got it today installed by the dealer - total waste of $326! The new intersection next door built over a year ago is still not on the map.
  2. Not in the 5th Gen 2008 LS460 - it does not have the USB port. They use dealer computer and the USB is a sort of authorization - it does not contain any map files.
  3. Is out, the update itself is $169, however alone with the labor it comes up to $311! Typical marketing trick...
  4. Most of recent Lexus vehicles can be modified to display Metric and have even FM tuning.
  5. I have a solutions for both even radio frequences and metric readouts of temperature, distance, etc.
  6. Mark Levinson P6501 by Pioneer shuts down by itself and ejects all disks (very annoying)! AUDIO OFF comes on display. Seems to happen while the car is moving regardless of being in SAT or CD mode...
  7. This is all true but the full tank fill-up costs just about the same $75. Why would I care about warranty? I also buy all original air filters etc. from Toyota as well.
  8. I'm sorry but I'm not sure what kind of improvement you are talking about :-) :-) :-) I've got 07/2008 vehicle with the Antique v. 7.1 - the screen dissappears by itself.
  9. I was referred to Lexus for this recall by my local Toyota. Guys at Toyota has told me that Lexus might send me $500 voucher towards their future service. Is this just a city legend or someone got something for those recalls from Lexus?
  10. I've got a replacement Toyota battery from local Toyota. They have the same exact size for about $75. The original Panasonic white battery died 2 years after it was made. So Japanese quality is a questionable thing :-)
  11. It's possible that this was answered before - the new (HD) version comes out every year. What time of the year does it normally come out? I'd hate to blow $250 right now if the new version is due let's say in December :-) We have a very fast development here in FL so 1-2 years old roads are nowhere to be found on the maps.
  12. Got it thank you! It just got a bit stuck there :-)
  13. I guess we'll need to know your radio model number first. It's one letter and 4 numbers on the front of the current radios (in case it's Pioneer it says "P1234"). But based on your profile it's something antique.
  14. Regardless of ignition being on or off I push the button but nothing happens. Is there a trick to open it?