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  1. Hello, I know this topic has been brought up, I would like to buy the supra lowering springs, do I just need the rear shocks or the whole shock/strut assembly? all around? Thanks
  2. I just purchased an R-12 freon recharge kit for 34.95 and had not had A/C since I had the car last October and now I have COLD air!!!! This kit includes 3 cans of freon and 1 can of lubricant and a can of sealant. When I first put the lubricant in, the compressor didn't come on til I added the freon. here is the "buy it now" link on EBAY.
  3. for those who are interested we will meet at the Northgate Mall Nordstrom's lower parking lot on Sunday the August 8th at 11:00am and cruise over to Kirkland.
  4. for Seattle area "mini meet" on August 8th at Kirkland waterfront.
  5. I am intalling a basic Ungo alarm on my 92 sc400 and was wondering about the power door locks? how do I bypass the stock alarm?
  6. I saw that auction on ebay a while back. I even asked him if I had to do any modification to make it fit!!!
  7. I would like one too, mine is warped and has a cracked!!! 92' sc400
  8. would SC430 lowering springs fit a 92 SC400? and would Supra lowering springs fit also?
  9. Is it possible to change the current automatic shift knob to an aftermarket one? if so, what knobs out there would fit and how do you do it? Thanks 92sc400
  10. does anyone out there know of an alarm that actually has the beeping sound instead of the loud chirping sound? I know Alpine does,but don't know what model, and I think Python also does. Thanks
  11. I ordered a couple of LOC stickers on the 18th and was wondering if they email a confirmation of purchase. I am still waiting. I did not get a confirmation email. Does anyone know how to check on the status? Thanks
  12. how was the interior sound?
  13. The sound is exactly what I wanted, I just wish it wasn't only at 1500 rpms. when I rev it, it sounds stock. If I take out the resonators, will it be too loud inside?
  14. I just had my mufflers installled and it did not make much of a difference, it is very deep sounding at 1 1/2 rpm's. The muffler guy said I had resonators. do I have to take them out? Thanks
  15. are there any lexus owners club decals for the quarter window?
  16. I have been thinking about changing my muffler to either flowmaster or magnaflow's. I have a flowmaster in my Tundra and it sound great, not loud in the interior which is what I like. I would like basically the same sound with a deep rumble and not loud in the interior, I would like to get the same flowmaster, but read in other posts that the flowmaster wasn't that good on the SC4. I would like to know feedback from other owners of the flowmaster or magnaflows or andy other brands. Thanks
  17. Where can I get the front lip spoiler? my spoiler is all cracked and warped? Thanks
  18. I just noticed last night on my speedo needle that in the middle of the needle it is black, it is not glowing red. what is happening, how do I fix it? Thanks
  19. was there a post on how to diy mod on the yellow to clear bumper light mod? If so can you direct me to that post? Thanks!! Oh Yeah, I just got my 19" Diablo Vienna's on!!! I will post pics later!!
  20. here is another helpful link!!
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