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  1. Hello, I know this topic has been brought up, I would like to buy the supra lowering springs, do I just need the rear shocks or the whole shock/strut assembly? all around? Thanks
  2. I will ship them to Canada and I do take Paypal, my paypal ID is magat1
  3. I also have it on Ebay and you can bid on it, you might get them for 20.00. here is the auction number 7916915001 If any member of LOC wins it, just let me know and it will be free shipping including Canada.
  4. These are the 8000k bulbs that I bought and this is what the connectors looks like, they fit exactly on my McCulloch's. I guess these are universal.
  5. I am selling a pair of used 9006 McCulloch HID bulbs 4300k. These bulbs are the ones that came with the kit. I am selling them because I bought a new set of 8000k. These were used for 4 months. These are great for backup bulbs. I will sell these for 50.00 shipped in the U.S.
  6. I just purchased an R-12 freon recharge kit for 34.95 and had not had A/C since I had the car last October and now I have COLD air!!!! This kit includes 3 cans of freon and 1 can of lubricant and a can of sealant. When I first put the lubricant in, the compressor didn't come on til I added the freon. here is the "buy it now" link on EBAY.
  7. for those who are interested we will meet at the Northgate Mall Nordstrom's lower parking lot on Sunday the August 8th at 11:00am and cruise over to Kirkland.
  8. for Seattle area "mini meet" on August 8th at Kirkland waterfront.
  9. I am intalling a basic Ungo alarm on my 92 sc400 and was wondering about the power door locks? how do I bypass the stock alarm?
  10. I saw that auction on ebay a while back. I even asked him if I had to do any modification to make it fit!!!
  11. I would like one too, mine is warped and has a cracked!!! 92' sc400
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