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  1. It was quite simple but somewhat messy. I was able to drain it via the small diameter pressure line at the reservoir. First I removed the hose from the hard line and let the reservoir drain into a bottle via the 90 degree flex hose. Then I reattached the hose to the hard line and removed the other end from the reservoir. I put the hose in the collection bottle and had my wife start the engine and turn the wheels. All the fluid pumped out in about a minute. After reconnecting the hose I had her start the engine again and started pouring in new fluid while she turned the wheels to the stops. Wh
  2. Just an update for anyone who might find this later. I flushed the old power steering fluid and replaced it with new and the steering returned to normal. The old fluid had turned dark brown and didn't smell very good.
  3. I didn't know an RX300 could turn tight. :) All joking aside, it doesn't seem to matter how tight the turn. The best way I can describe it is the power steering feels like it has dead spots while turning the wheel. If it were normal wheel feedback I would think a tie rod end is completely broken or the tires were severely under inflated.
  4. It usually feels stiff about every quarter turn of the steering wheel. If I didn't know any better, I would think the tires were severely low on air pressure. If feels a little stiffer when turning to the right versus the left. It doesn't matter if I'm moving or sitting still. Would a CV joint cause this even when not moving?
  5. My RR door actuator stopped working as well. I used to install after market alarms and auto door locks for a living and I can't believe I never thought to do this. Thanks for the info.
  6. I have a 2000 RX300. When I turn the steering wheel there are spots where it feels as if it has no power steering. It will feel fine and then get stiff and feel fine again. Is this a common problem on this vehicle? Could it be the power steering rack or pump? Thanks
  7. Autozone will read the code for you free of charge.
  8. My key did the same thing. There is only one locksmith in my town who has the right equipment to cut these keys and he charges $35 to do it. I was looking at new blanks that cost about $30 on eBay so it was going to cost about $65 total for a new key. I just put the remote part on my keyring with a spare key and use it as a fob for now.
  9. On the subject of carbon buildup. Is it possible to have carbon built up on the valve or seat that would cause the valve to not properly close? I've had an occasional P1130 code but it always goes away. I've had sluggish performance and poor fuel economy. The engine makes the clatter upon startup as I mentioned before. I also hear a faint tick coming from the valve train when the engine is at idle. I started noticing all of these things at about the same time. Running 91 octane fuel makes the engine perform as good as it did when I bought it with 60,000 miles and I just used 87 octane and the
  10. I would describe my noise as clatter as well. I thought it was something really serious until I noticed it happened when going uphill. When the oil starts getting old and due for a change I start hearing the same sound for about 1 second when the engine starts cold. It's a bit unnerving but an oil change always makes it go away. My RX has 96,000 miles. I never notice any decrease of oil on the dipstick between changes. If the engine is burning oil it would have to be a very small amount.
  11. My '00 has started knocking when under load or uphill and the overall performance has decreased. I started using 91 octane gas and noticed the engine runs much better. Would my engine be a good candidate for Sea Foam? Could a buildup of carbon in the cylinders be causing pre-detonation?
  12. I cleared the codes with the scanner.
  13. Hello, I have a 2000 RX300 FWD and my Check Engine light has been on and off a few times so I used a code scanner. It showed P0120 TPS Sensor Malfunction and also the infamous P1130 O2 sensor. The CEL is not on right now but I don't feel like I have as much power as I should and my gas mileage is about 14 MPG in town. When the CEL was on I was snooping around under the hood with the engine running and thought I heard a vacuum leak. I found a hose that had come off the air cleaner lid; apparently when I changed the filter. After reconnecting the hose the CEL went off after about a hundred mi
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