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  1. I did a search and seen alot of DIFFERENT responses so I just wanna clear this up, WHAT wiring harness / ecu do you use. And if you have to mod some wiring what wires would they be etc.? Thanks! :D
  2. Already looked into that way over my price range...
  3. I wasn't asking I was just trying to be nice and give some people options jeez is that a crime to contribute? <_<
  4. z8 dream can you aim me my s/n is supercharge33 i'd really like to ask a few questions since your opinion is unbiased and honest having best of both worlds :D or email me at with any messenger u have.
  5. To put it into perspective F1 races rebuild their motors every other race...
  6. Me and my brother and many many other people have ordered from nippon very reliable and reputable place.
  7. I don't know why you guys think it's rice meh... But to each his own I guess just a thought!
  8. Well it's a *BLEEP*ty photoshop and the scale is off, but i'm sure it would look good in person :whistles:
  9. dunno if this helps but visit it shows the rims on the car B)
  10. I did a little photoshop very bad but to give you an idea B) I like it! Please people reply on ur opinions!
  11. On the supra i've seen them wingless and it really ruins the lines of the car, now i personally think the sc3/400 resembles the latest gen supra quite a bit. And considering the backend is a little wee bit plain maybe it would give it what it needs. I havent seen this done and I think it's worth a try! Can someone photoshop a pic of a supra / super style spoiler on an sc PLEASE!! Or if you have a pic please show, thanks!
  12. Well nippon sells them as a 2JZGTE for 2800 :chairshot:
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