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  1. how do you remove the control swsitch cover on the moonroof

  2. Hey there folks. Have a 1993 SC400, needs brake pads. Got OEM Toyota ones a couple years ago cheap, but I can't remember where I bought them from. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance!
  3. Need the money, gotta payoff the car! 135k miles pics are before the DVD player, before someone hit it while parked and messed up a small area of the front bumper. Needs new rear tires very soon. Has 6 disc from ES in it.
  4. Make that $4000, I just need to payoff the loan on it, and that's all I need.
  5. I hardly drive my car anymore and it sits in the garage all the time. I need to sell it. Asking $5000 or best. Check engine light comes on because of O2 sensor code. Battery light has been coming on since I replaced the alternator last year, but doesn't seem to pose any problems at all. Newer tires and brakes, new 6 disc changer from an ES, complete service records and original window sticker. Every available option. I'm in Chicago. Email me at, because I don't really check these forums anymore. thanks!
  6. Our cars have no lifters... But I know reshimming the valvetrain is part of what they check for on scheduled maintenance.
  7. Update... haha. ~142, again, on the skyway, on the way to the casino. But this time in my room mate's 2004 GS300. It felt like there was plenty more to go around, and I was a little more daring in his car because the brakes are better, and there's less wind noise. And yeah, I was driving.
  8. Lol, everyone on here calls me Scott! It's scHott! haha. As in "shot". It's my last name hehe. So yeah, my car is totally being neglected because I got a job downtown and never drive it anymore. It hates me, I just know it.
  9. There ya go. Again, who knows, they could be wrong. And jibby, much respect, not trying to be a jerk.
  10. I actually think you are wrong Jibby. Only because I asked the same question awhile back and more than one person said it was non-interference. It just means that there's enough clearance that the piston won't hit a valve in any scenario, given a normal valvetrain setup. This however, is based on other forum viewer's replies to me when I asked the same question, so they could be wrong too. Damage from the timing belt flying around loose after it breaks could happen in any case I do believe though.
  11. TRYING... Keyword haha. Couple weeks ago, 140 on the Chicago skyway on the way to the casino. GOTTA ROLL THEM DICE!!! haha.
  12. Does anyone have any info with pictures/tutorials on doing the supercharger kit on an SC400? I'm interested now that I won't be driving the car nearly as much due to a new job downtown.
  13. Hah, now: 1993 sc400 then: 1994 Mercury Sable wagon 1991 LeBaron 1988 Ford Bronco II 1977 Olds Cutlass Supreme 2dr 1988 Dodge Diplomat 1986 Pontiac Fiero Those are all the cars I've owned ;)
  14. That's wild, wish there was an article on it.
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