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  1. Does any one know exactly what volts reading you should be getting out of the Tps???? At idle and Wot????? If reading the sensor in ohms is a better way to set it, which wire and how many ohms should I be looking for. My car is still doing the same thing so I put the old sensor back in the car. Does any guru member know if the way that the car is acting is normal. I really hate to have to take this to lexus and have them try to trouble shoot this issue.
  2. Great job, the timing belt scares me to do myself, so i will probably pay someone. My steering pump is just starting to drip at the bottom where the big bolt is. So I was going to have that fixed hopefully or replaced, timing belt, water pump, and idler pulley. if I have enough money I can do all of the belts myself and maybe do the idler pulley. Good Job
  3. Dude I get on average 24-26 mpg doing around 60-65 going through 3 small towns at around 400 miles per week. I only get on it 2-3 times per week hitting around 120-135 during this time period. If I goto say Jacksonville doing about 70-75 120 miles there and 120 back I can get almost 28-30mpg during these trips I check my milage every single fill up and it is very consistant. The fastest I have ever went is around 142 smooth as ice and complete control. you will not regret this The 92-95 model had the 250hp engine all non-interference engines The 96-97 I think had the 260hp engine all no
  4. Check all of the hoses going to the intake. When they get old sometime they will start to crack and split. This may fix your issue While your in there clean the throttle body.
  5. I own a 96 that I bought with 159000. Just regular maintance paid $5000 and I thought I got a great deal the car is worth $6200 right now. Our car has 260hp and the engine is a non-interferance engine Only issue's that I have which are common is Trunk not staying open CD changer works most of the time Antenna works every time makes a noise when it is all of the way up sometimes I had a code once noone can pull the codes out of the engine. Not even Toyota Replaced the o2 sensors before the cats fixed the code issue (check engine light) The interior on both doors has a line on the top of
  6. TPS is located, under the engine cover. It is attached to the throttle body. Two screws for adjustments. Just do not drop them into the engine compartment you will never get them. If you are facing the TPS on the plug are 4wires first wire on the left is voltage reference should be 5volt. With car off and key on check that wire with a meter the second wire is the sensing wire car off key on should read at .500 dc volts while your meter is still attached to the tps run the throttle up manually and look for any voltage spikes + ot minus on the meter. should read from .500 volts dc to 3.845
  7. The post that explains exactly what my car is doing was post in Sept 26,07. If it is a fuel pump, wouldn't I notice it at acceleration not deceleration? I am not a mechanic and I surely do not know of any good mechanics in south GA. Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I have written on this issue before. While driving down the road at 40-55mph and you are just feathering the throttle the rpm will drop off from 1500 down to 1000 and you can feel it like the car does not know what to do. I have no hesitation during throttle up. Just when you are on a straight road cruising around. I have just replaced the TPS thinking that this would fix the issue. Still not fixed. I have seen this posted in Mar of 07 with no response's. I do not think that this is normal operation, or am I just worried about nothing??? Please help
  9. Okay, so I could not wait until this weekend. My voltage was set at .5967 volts. I set it to .5500 volts and manually ran the throttle up to wot. which read at 3.899 volts not the 4.5 that I was expecting. So I took the car down the road for a few miles. It seem to do very well, no drop off when coasting around 45, so either I moved the dead spot to another speed or the TPS is that sensitive to that few of volts. If I see that it does not work I will replace and keep you all updated.
  10. This is what I have found so far on the net, I will adjust it some time this weekend and update all if this fixes my issue or I will just have to get off the cash for a new one. I assume that I will have to adjust the new one this way as well. To me, it's not worth messing with the TPS. It seems to affect the tc lockup more than anything. Voltage too low and the lockup is erratic. Voltage to high and the tc won't unlock without hitting the brake. Either is really annoying. And note, I'm only talking hundreths a volt difference here. I find that about .55 volts (engine off, throttle closed) wo
  11. I appreciate that, I had the issue before I started messing with the TPS. Is it possible to have a dead spot on the tps? I do agree that it will affect the transmission because when I thought that I had it fixed the tranny would shift through all of the gears in idle. Seems that even if I buy a new one I will have to go through an adjustment period or will I have to take reading with a new one as well? Thanks and I will start surfing the net as well.
  12. Would you go by the ohms factor or by the voltage from 1- a 4.5 reference? If by ohms what exactly should I be looking for? I had thought that it was the transmission area at first, but when I took the air flow sensor and throttle position sensor apart and put them back into place I did not have this happen, the idle was just a little funny. So I put the throttle position back to were the yellow marks were at factory settings. I am just curious if I can adjust this since there is available adjustment to be made there, and maybe save the $150 or could it be the mass air flow for $400? There
  13. Or you can take a 9v battery to the speakers make sure that they move in and out, positive on + and negative on -. This will also tell you if speakers are blown, if they do not move the coil is probably fried. I would not think that all of them are blown though.
  14. I have seen this issue on the post before, and there was not any kind of answer to the problem When I am driving aroung the 40-48mph mark and let off of the gas the car de-excelerates abnormally and when you give it fuel it jerks alittle bit. I adjusted the throttle position sensor and the problem went away. Then the car started to idle alittle bit high around 900-1000 and at idle it would then shift through all of the gears so i put the sensor back to where it was. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Being laid off every other week has been tough, i had just spent around 600 for
  15. Will a 95 sc300 right rear tail light fit a 96 sc400???? I am getting ready to purchase one off of someone from ebay so to be sure I am asking the experts here. Thanks
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