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  1. Check the door switch on your driver's side door. Mine, too, (97 ES300) has been sticking lately, but that's only because its been super-!Removed! cold out lately - Anchorage, AK. I know mine is sticking when the headlights don't turn themselves off right away. WD-40 should cure it. The clock, though, not sure. Good luck.
  2. You bled the brakes with the car off. That's what you did wrong.
  3. Does the 'whistling' get higher with the engine RPMs? I had a deck a long time ago do that annoying whine. Turns out it was a bad ground through an aftermarket amp. I'd just make sure you ground everything really well, including the unit itself to something metal behind the dash. Hope it helps.
  4. I think it could be done. I removed both driver and passenger seats once to do a steam clean of all interior carpets. The chairs themselves, there's not that much to em. I bet you could figure out a swap of both 'backs.' And good you're not interested in the seat bottoms, there's too many motors and wiring you'd have to mess with.
  5. Check your struts. I replaced all 4 of mine, 2 at a time, and it made a world of difference. Any funny noises, front or back were gone. I also did mine right at 125K...
  6. Mike's right; check the fan, check the fuses, check the thermostat. And make sure you don't have too little or too much coolant. Might be time for a radiator flush.
  7. I do 32 all around. 35 in the winter. 26 is mad low.
  8. Not that this helps any, but I had to replace my rear passenger door switch with one from a crappy old Toyota truck. Same part, same connections, everything. Works great. Yours does sound like a relay, or maybe the motor itself is out. That's nice your car is telling you something is amiss. Good luck.
  9. I read somewhere that the whining noise is caused by the belt being a teensy bit loose so it vibrates and hums when AC is engaged, as it has to turn that as well and has a little more resistance. Mine does it, too, and AC works fine. Have never gotten around to tightening it up.
  10. I agree, the Bridgestone Pole Positions are sick. A super quiet tire; the best I've ever bought. 2 summer seasons with them and absolutely no wear. And I drive like a bat-out-of-Hades. Good in the rain, excellent grip in the...dry.
  11. I replaced my two license plate lights with super bright white LEDs. Ever since, whenever brake lights are on for a few seconds, the car realizes something back there is amiss and the dash's 'light out' shows. However, all lights work 100%. I have a hunch that the car knows exactly how many amps/watts/etc. are supposed to be flowing when brake lights are applied and changing those bulbs sets the warning off. My guess is that it's just hypersensitive so a check for corrosion on all bulbs and sockets would be a good start. Bring canned air.
  12. Fill your brake fluid reservoir to the tip-top. The sensor on mine is extra...sensitive and the dash light will show if the level isn't completely full. Give that a shot.
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