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  1. guys i have an es300 1997 model, one owner, never in an accident. 180,000 kilometers, about 110,000 miles. i put a new set of toyo tyres on the car 18 months ago, the front tyres have probably 60% tread left, probably more, the rear tyres have scrubbed out on both outside rears with about twice the wear the front tyres have experienced. the rest of the rear tyres have still got a bit of tread on them, probably around 40% left, has anyone had this sort of wear on the rear, if it was on the front i wouldnt be so surprised as its a front wheel drive. seems strange that the rear is wearing so fast. the car drives immaculate. 120kmh on the open road and it tracks perfect. fergi
  2. thanks for the reply steve, i didnt think they had adjustment. by the way the new layout looks good. i am in australia but always come to the USA site as it seems to get more response from questions. thanks steve
  3. hi, does anyone know if the es300 1997 model has an adjustment for camber on the rear, my lefthand side tyre is wearing on the outside edge, the tyres have done 25000 klm,s since new. its not a big issue as i have rotated the two rear tyres. the wear is not a lot but just curious to know if it can be adjusted. fergi
  4. hi, i think the lexus you are looking at would be an excellent aquisition. i bought a 97 es300 12 months ago with a 160 klm,s on the clock, the car was from the original owner and i must say it is the quietest smoothest vehicle i have ever driven in. it seems to me as it is a low owner car that if a guy can afford to buy that car from new then i am sure he would be wise enough to keep the maintenance up to schedule. i am sure you would be more than happy with it so dont worry about the sludge problem its not like it happens to every car, infact when you consider all the lexus and camry v6 made there is not much of a recall or problem . it really is a bit over exagerated that problem which is not to say it wasnt happening to a few vehicles which werent serviced properly, look online and pick any car , google the faults and you will find every make of car has a horror story. just go for it, you like the car and i am sure once you get it you will be wrapped in the excellent ride and comfort level, you will forget about the sludge hysteria. fergi
  5. i think your problem could be that the mechanic maybe disconnected a wiring loom and possibly this has not been put back correctly, it seems if your car is okay while running on the highway but over heats while city driving your electric fan could be not running due to the wiring harness connection problem, let your car idle over in your driveway and see if the electric fan comes on,this should activate while you are sitting in your driveway with no air being pushed through the radiator, give it 5mins or so to get some heat into the motor, also then try turning on the air cond this should kick in the other fan straight away. fergi
  6. thanks for the replies,appreciate the comments. fergi
  7. hi, i have a 1997 es 300,one owner ,until i bought it, 150,000 kilometers,100,000 miles,i had a set of tyres put on it when i first bought it, i dont think they are very good tyres but thats what car dealers do,what tyres have you put on your lexus and what do you recommend,i am thinking pirelli or Michelin,what i am after is a really quiet tyre that also rides smooth,mileage is not a great concern but i am after the two preferences i mentioned,i have found the tyres i have at the moment have worn uneven and are making noises now, i had the tyres rotated a few days ago and that really helped with the noise ,my local mechanic said they are crap tyres and they tend to wear uneven because of their design.they are warrior tyres,dont know if anyone has heard of them but they are supposed to be made by michelin, though obviously not one of their premium tyres. fergi
  8. glad you got the problem fixed, at least you had the courtesy to reply back and let us know what the problem was,unlike some people on this forum that ask for help then never ever report back as to whether they fixed the problem. cheers fergi
  9. yes as other two replys,99% that it is your wheel bearing,as you turn into the corner the wheel bearing loads up ,check to make sure the noise is coming from the side you think,sometimes the noise seems to come from a certain side but may infact be the other.also try going around the corner and as the noise starts slightly depress the hand brake, it could also be the rear hand brake drum . fergi
  10. hi mike, looks like a major meltdown there, i would imagine the mark numbers refer to could be for the crankshaft regrinds, 1,2,3, would probably mean there are 3 oversize bearings that you can get ,thats 3 cranshaft regrinds ,i doubt using fine emery paper would take enough off the crankshaft to worry about putting in an oversize bearing, certainly pull the rod cap off and inspect the crankshaft for grooves, you may be lucky enough to not have any damage but i doubt it, the number 2 you refer to could be no two piston, you can see if its number 2 by looking at where the piston ,conrod is on the crankshaft, i am not saying for sure thats what all the numbers mean but sounds like it to me, dont know if you can buy just one bearing you may have to buy a set, then you might as well put a new bearing in each one, if you do dont get the bearing caps mixed up do one at a time, also make sure the bearing cap goes back on the same way it came off, mark the cap so you know .hope you get it going. cheers fergi
  11. Hi Paul, well the time that you received my post it was 2.15 pm ,15th which is a tuesday afternoon here,we have friends in Lynchburg Virginia, so this reply is being sent at 9.52 pm tuesday nite,15th, the time in Lynchburg at the moment according to my desktop clock is about 6.30 am ,tuesday 15th. i live in Adelaide south australia.i gather you are in Iowa, never been there but i think we flew over your house on the way to washington dc from Los Angeles.LOL. cheers fergi
  12. thanks again ,that is good to know about the rear rotars,' fergi
  13. As a person who does not live in your country' but a country that i believe is the best country in the world to live in being Australia ,i must say your gun laws amaze me, allowing almost anyone to carry or have a gun is ridiculous,in australia it is very hard to buy a gun or even own one unless you are in a gun club or a few other exceptions,we are constantly amazed at the gun wars that you seem to have over there,drive by shootings,murders,school shootings,mall shootings it never seems to end,its not the guns fault its the idiots that are allowed to have them, and theres plenty of idiots out there,yes we too have the same feral idiots here in australia but with our tight gun laws the feral idiots dont have a gun at hand when they lose it to just pull the trigger and shoot people,i have visited your country in the last 18 months and i found the American people in general to be fabulous ,friendly, and well mannered,but stick a gun in their pocket and when they loose it they can so easily pull out the gun and in a moment of anger pull the trigger, as i said we are the same type of personalities here in australia but if we have a bad moment of anger we have to sort it out with fists,still not a nice thing but we walk away to cool down and think how lucky we were that the other guy didnt have a gun in his pocket, sure we have criminals over here that dont follow the guidelines on the laws regarding guns, but thats what cowardly criminals do they need weapons because most of them are cowards anyway. fergi
  14. ok thanks for the info, i have done brake pads before so sounds like the rotars are straight forward, didnt know if i needed special puller for rotars, thanks again. cheers fergi
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