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  1. Thanks for the reply. Two days ago the CEL is gone, I thought it should be Ok but I was wrong it came back after three days. I will try what you are suggesting to do. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for replying. "All Data" drawings shows that bank 2 sensor 1 is in the front of the engine, while bank 1 sensor 1 is close to the firewall. Looking at AutoZone drawing shows bank 1 sensor 1 is in the front of the engine. Anybody knows which is correct? By the way, I did not buy the sensor from AutoZone. Unfortunately I threw away the old sensor.
  3. Check engine light indicate malfunction of oxygen sensor 1 bank 1. I replaced the sensor but the check engine light is still on. I have Autozone check it again and it is still the oxygen sensor 1, bank 1. Anybody knows what is going on? I tried disconnecting the battery to reset the CEL but the light comes on after a day or two. Any thoughts on this one.
  4. To date I haven't installed the oxygen sensor that I bought. It seems that the injector cleaner (Lucas from Autozone) that I put and resetting the Check Engine Light (ECL) by removing the battery terminal did the work. This will give me time for State Inspection.
  5. I finally decide to change the front motor mount since I have the parts. Sure enough the motor mount is really bad. So, guys if you have to replace torque strut, most probably the front motor mount is also bad, replace it. If you don't, you will see a premature failure of your radiator upper hose connection in time. You will end up replacing the radiator. That's what happened to me.
  6. After buying the motor mount on Ebay, I found out that the torque strut is broke. I replaced the torque strut and found out that this probably is the problem. I don't see any engine movement now when I press the accelerator, which led me to believe that the front motor mount is OK. Are there any other test for the front motor mount? Regarding my question, yes, you can remove the motor mount without removing any parts. It's tricky though. Remove the rubber covering of the motor mount to give you more clearance. I have not really done the installation of this motor mount, but if I have to d
  7. Hi Everyone, My 94 ES300 front motor mount need to be replaced. Can anyone tell me what is involved before I start working on it. Do I have to remove the radiator to get the mount out? It looks like I do not have clearance without removing it. Don't know if this particular model requires hydraulic or rubber mount. Any input with regards to this will be greatly appreciated. Manny
  8. Hi LL, Thanks for replying . I just bought the oxygen sensor from Ebay for $35.96 free shipping. I will replace Bank 1 Sensor 1 (B1S1). I don't know if I have to replace B1S2. The only thing that worries me is this sensor that I bought is a no name brand, it might not last longer than Denso or Bosh. Well, anyway I will try to install this. For the model I have, it looks like I can replace this on top without lifting the car. B1S1 is located close to the firewall based on All Data parts location drawing. I saw a drawing on this forum for 1997 the location of B1S1 is close close to radi
  9. Hi Guys, I have a 94 ES300, 171,000 miles. The trouble shooting code indicates P0171. Probable causes: a. MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor. b. Oxygen Sensor Defective c. Ignition misfire d. Fuel injection problem Where will I start diagnosing the problem. I don't want to change the bank 1 oxygen sensors without exactly knowing that is the problem. The oxygen sensors are expensive. I already start adding injector cleaner to my gas tank which is the least expensive. Any taker on this one? Hope to hear from you guys soon. Manny
  10. I found the oil leak. It's coming from the power steering high pressure hose. The cost to replace it, around $150 parts and labor. So guys if you have a small drops of oil from the passenger side inspect the power stirring high and low pressure hoses.
  11. Hi Manny. I'm not sure about your filter question, but I can tell you that my Lexus dealer suggest I change my oil once a year based on my 12,000 miles per year driving. Paul Hi Paul. Thanks for replying. That is actually what I am doing changing my oil yearly as long as I don't go over 7,000 miles during the year. The key to engine life is oil change. That is why I have cars that go over 250,000 miles with no problem with the engine. Thanks again and you have a nice day!! Manny
  12. Hi Manny. I'm not sure about your filter question, but I can tell you that my Lexus dealer suggest I change my oil once a year based on my 12,000 miles per year driving. Paul
  13. Hi Guys, I have a 94 ES300 that is leaking oil on the passenger side of the engine. No leaks on the oil drain plug, oil filter, and the valve cover. Before I power wash the underside of the engine, are there any thoughts about where the oil leak might be? Hope to hear from you guys.
  14. Hi, I have a 2007 ES350 that I seldom drive. I have another Lexus ES300 and a Honda and I am retired. The odometer of the 2007 ES350 is only 14,000 miles. I have change the oil myself at 3,258; 8,181; 10,038 and 13,224. I use Castrol synthetic oil 5-30. Am I overdoing the oil change? If the manufacturers says 7,000 miles per oil change, which I don't normally follow and change it every 3,000 miles. What is the max time I have to change oil assuming I put only less than 2,000 miles. Is 12 months OK. Every 4 months irrespective of mileage might be overkill. The cost of oil change doing i
  15. I finally got my brake warning light to turn off. I have a rubber hose to the caliper leaking fluid. I end up changing that and it solved the problem. You are right DBrucher. If you have a small leak in the system it will trigger the warning light. So guys if your brake warning light is on, it means there is something wrong in your brake system. The handbrake switch seldom breaks.
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