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  1. Ordered new transmission it has been 7 days. They still don't know when it will be fixed. When do i qualify for lemon law? 30 days?
  2. I just heard back from service folks, transmission has an internal defect whatever that is.....
  3. :( I own a gx470 ( bought 2 months ago 1200 miles ) Today while merging on a ramp, i noticed VSC ( both lights) came on as well as engine light. I also noticed that the vehicle became sluggish as though it wouldn't move. I had to call roadside assistance and tow it back to the service centre. I will keep you posted. I sure hope no one here experienced anything similar. -ljerry
  4. Thanks, I did notice a depression ( not a 'hole' ) in the top corners, i will check with the service folks -J
  5. Hi, I just did my 1k service on gx470 and i suggested that the service folk look at the windshield positioning, they came back and said that they tested it with an air compressor and that there is no gap.... any ideas? Std disclaimer : I like everything about this vehicle, but on long rides, the wind noise is really high enough to make us talk louder.... -Jer
  6. I bought a gx470 last week, i am noticing the same problem. just over 55 mph, i could feel lot of wind turbulence noise... The noise level ofcourse goes down a bit if i let air recirculate.... It certainly doesn't feel like a window sealant problem.... ( i mean wind noise is not focussed but generally coming from all around the vehicle windshield area... ) The service guy who took it for a ride, did admit to the problem, but says don't really know what to do... I also checked whether the luggage racks are pointed correctly.... Is there any specific soundproofing i could ask them to loo
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