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  1. i have a 92sc4 and recently i have noticed a sound coming from the rear of the car. the sound is almost like if there was a chunk missing out of the tire but there is not i checked all the tires. i know it is from something rotational and tied to the speed of the tires, not the rpm's. also i have noticed when i turn left the noise stops, but also if for instance i am on the highway and i change lanes to the left the back end gets squirly or lose, it almost feels like my axle is sliding. i have crawled under the car and did not notice anything strange, so i was wondering if anyone had had this
  2. does anyone know what type of bulbs the gauge cluster uses for the back light, and if so where is a good place to order some? I do not want to send my cluster in to be "repaired" I just wana replace the bulbs, i know how easy it is to get to them I just can not find any info that will tell me what kind of bulbs they are other then that they are toshiba. thank you for your time and help.
  3. thank you very much. that is a huge help. now i just have to decipher it. thank you again.
  4. I have been searching the forums and can not find anywhere with any directions or hints and tips about removing the front bumper. I was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that does tell how, or if anyone can give me some basic instructions. I would like to have an idea of what I am doing before crawling under there and feeling around and guessing. Thanks for your help.
  5. Yea I thought it was going to be reusable, then i did a bit more detailed inspection and saw that it was cracked had a number of cracks and chips. so i started looking for a new one. im going this week to get some quotes from a couple local body shops and see what they say about it, but i certainly dont want it just bondoed together.
  6. i was recently in an accident and now need a new front bumper cover, however being a broke college kid i don't have all that much to spend. i just cant stand the look of my sc4 all banged up and want to fix it asap. i found some cheap aftermarket ones on ebay but I'm just afraid that because they are so cheap ($180) they wont fit properly which will cause me more work then i would like and it still may not look right. I was wondering if any of you guys know of a good place to get one fairly cheap that will fit properly. i am not worried about it being OEM aftermarket is fine it just needs to
  7. thank you that is good to know, im gonna be doing the work myself, and just having the bumper and new fender painted at a paint shop. I have to keep this as low cost as possible since im a full time student.
  8. to my horror i was involved in a minor fender bender, and i was wondering if it is ok to just have my bumper cover repainted since the paint is flaking off or if it is no good anymore? there are no cracks or anything, and i would really perfer to be able to just get it painted rather then have to buy a whole new bumper cover. thanks for the help, i just cant leave my baby with a banged up face.
  9. the most common cause of a gas smell in my experiance is bad catalytic converters, this is just one of a few causes but it is the most common cause that i know of.
  10. where would i find these relays, and now would i test their readings? i checked all the fuses and they are all good, so im hoping that means its not a short somewhere.
  11. i have tried searching, and i have searched through about a hundred post and no ones problem seems to be identical to mine. next time i get a free hour of daylight ill climb under the car and check the ground since i can not see where it ends from above. i know the alternator and its connectons are good since i just replaced it last week.
  12. im having an electrical problem that occasionally, but not always, where everything electrical turns off then right back on when i turn on the turn signal, or hit the breaks. other times when i do those actions all the electonics just dim, but everyonce in a while everything shuts off for a second. all i can think of is that for some reason im not getting all my power from the battery/alternator (which both are new) and by adding an additional draw such as the turn signal or the break lights it over loads the system. if any one has any idea of what is causing this and how to fix it i would
  13. awesome man, that is good news for anyone trying to put in an aftermarket deck. your set up looks great, i hope some day i can get mine that nice and clean.
  14. my passanger door will not oppen fully infact it wont open more then 6 inches because it hits the front fender. i didnt have any problems till i jacked up my car to change my alternator. what could have caused this, and how can i fix it? thanks for your help
  15. ive got a 92 sc400 and absolutly love the thing, i strongly suggest taking the deal. if its been babied like you say it should be a great reliable ride for you.
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